Why isn’t Holby City on tonight?

The BBC1 schedule undergoes changes this evening


There’s a change to the regular Tuesday-night BBC1 schedule tonight, with hospital drama Holby City set to make way for Our Next Prime Minister. The live debate, screened just hours after the second ballot has whittled down the number of candidates vying to become the new leader of the Conservative Party, will be shown at 8.00pm. All of which means that Holby fans will have to defer their weekly visit to the wards.


When will this week’s Holby City be shown?

BBC1 viewers can catch Holby City on Thursday 20 June at 8.00pm. Those watching BBC1 Scotland, however, will have to wait a little longer, as Holby City won’t be shown there until Monday 24 June at 10.35pm. However, a signed repeat of the episode can be seen overnight on Sunday 23 June at 1.15am on BBC2.

What happens in this week’s episode?

Well, it must be Bring Your Mum to Work Week at Holby City Hospital. First, we had Jacob’s mother Omo getting admitted to the ED on Saturday’s Casualty, now on Holby City, we see Xavier’s mum Nanette turning up at the Acute Admissions Unit talking in riddles. The problem is that Xav is about to do a high-stakes operation, so Donna makes the decision to keep Nanette away from him, so that he can focus on his work. Big mistake.


Not everyone is as busy as Xavier, though. Sacha manages to find the time to don some marigolds in order to spruce up Patricia’s cleaning cupboard. But then he finds something unexpected while on his tidying mission – and it’s a discovery that ends up driving a wedge between the two lovebirds. Finally, Jac discovers that Nicky wishes to be partnered with Kian instead of her. With his chiselled jaw and six-pack abs, we can’t think why…