Talk about a cliffhanger. Tonight's double-bill of Coronation Street ended with a mystery intruder breaking into the Platt house just moments after David Platt (played by Jack P Shepherd) and his girlfriend Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) had gone to bed!


So who is the mystery man? And are the Platts in peril?

Coronation Street
The Platts had better beware! (Picture: ITV)

Further clues will emerge next week in the ITV soap. On Monday 11 February, Shona finds a DVD on the doormat and is horrified to discover someone filmed video footage of the family while they slept.

When Shona later visits her killer son Clayton Hibbs (Callum Harrison) behind bars, she is alarmed when he claims prison bullies are behind the break-in. And unfortunately it looks like there is more scary stuff to come...

Shona and David's relationship is certainly being put to the test again, now Shona has re-established contact with Clayton, who fatally stabbed David's wife Kylie Platt in 2016.

Coronation Street, Shona Ramsey
Shona is trying to help her killer son Clayton. (Picture: ITV)

Clayton wants Shona to help him transfer to another prison because he fears for his life from violent fellow inmates. But little does David know, Shona is also under pressure to smuggle drugs into the prison which Clayton can sell and keep the prison bullies off his back.

Coronation Street, Clayton Hibbs
Clayton is pressuring his mum Shona to smuggle drugs into the prison. (Picture: ITV)

Loose-cannon David is likely to flip his lid if he finds out what's going on. So even though killer Clayton is still locked-up, his presence continues to spell trouble for Shona and David's relationship.


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