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Tracy attacks Tyler in Coronation Street... and offers him £5000 to stay away from pregnant Amy

But will Tracy's behaviour upset Amy even more?

Coronation Street, Tracy Barlow, Tyler Jefferies
Published: Tuesday, 12th February 2019 at 2:14 pm

Tracy Barlow (played by Kate Ford) was not best pleased when she first found out her teenage daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney) was pregnant in Coronation Street. But now she's prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure baby daddy Tyler Jefferies (Will Barnett) keeps his grubby mitts off the child!


With Tyler, who is now working at the local Bistro, and his mouthy mum Vicky threatening to jeopardise Tracy and her hubby Steve's (Simon Gregson) plans to adopt Amy's baby and raise it themselves, Tracy takes matters into her own hands on Monday 18 February when she angrily attacks Tyler in the Street and offers the lad £5000 if he'll go away and have nothing more to do with Amy and the baby...

But will Tyler accept Tracy's crash bribe? Or will she just make things worse and upset Amy again? Kate Ford who plays Tracy reveals more...

Tracy’s struggled for weeks with Amy’s teen pregnancy and knowing that Tyler is the father, what makes her finally decide to take action against him?
Tracy is so angry with Tyler for what he did to Amy and while Amy says it was consensual she is still a child and Tracy feels he took advantage. As a family they’ve been trying to work through this but with Vicky putting pressure on them, and Tyler now hanging round the street working at the bistro, it’s the final straw for Tracy. She can’t believe Robert would employ him and it really feeds her anger. In desperation she offers him £5k to stay away from Amy and the baby.

Coronation Street, Tyler Jefferies
What will Tyler do when Tracy attacks him? (Picture: ITV)

What will Tracy do if Tyler doesn’t accept the bribe?
If he doesn’t accept I think she’ll resort to desperate measures. Steve’s keen to listen to Amy and play the long game with Tyler but Tracy’s had enough and his smug attitude really pushes her buttons.

Do Tracy and Steve worry that they could be pushing Amy further away?
Amy’s furious that they’re interfering but I think they’re so wrapped up in doing what they think is best at times they lose sight of how Amy is really feeling. Tracy’s torn between the desire to protect her daughter and not wanting to upset her. It causes tension between Steve and Tracy and Amy can feel that too.

Does Steve disagree with Tracy’s insistence that they need to take action against Tyler?
They end up rowing, he accuses her of being irresponsible for not listening to Amy and being rash but Tracy just wants to protect her baby and she thinks Tyler should be punished. In her eyes he’s much older than Amy and he should be held responsible.

Coronation Street, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow
How will Steve and Amy react when they discover what Tracy has done? (Picture: ITV)

Do they have any idea what Amy really wants?
Tracy thinks she’s doing the right things but Amy is really upset by all the arguing and the name calling. Tracy doesn’t want it to damage their relationship but Steve can see it is pushing Amy away and he tries to warn her. Tracy’s gutted but she can’t hold back..

Do you think this could damage their relationship with Amy moving forward?
Yes in trying to do the right thing every step of the way Tracy has stopped listening to Amy and the worry is that Amy will look back on this experience and resent her parents for the way they handled it.


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