Will Shona cheat on David with Nick? Coronation Street teases huge betrayal

A big secret threatens to tear the Platts apart


Coronation Street is lining up another potential battle of the brothers after David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) overheard girlfriend Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) secretly colluding with his sibling Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) on Monday 11 February. The stressed mum is actually being blackmailed over her jailbird son’s safety and turned to her lover’s brother for support, but their exchange could easily have been misconstrued as having a romantic edge…


Monday’s double bill picked up from Friday’s final scene which showed a hooded intruder break into the Platts’ in the dead of night, as Shona played a DVD she’d been sent anonymously in the post and watched in horror to see someone had recorded her and David asleep in their beds.

Calling son Clayton Hibbs in his cell, he deduced it was the work of the prison bullies who were putting pressure on him to make his mum smuggle drugs inside, and had clearly used contacts on the outside to intimidate Shona. Later she was approached by two thugs in the barbers’ shop premises trying to give her cocaine to sneak behind bars on her next visiting day, only for the drug deal to be foiled by Nick who was instantly suspicious despite Shona fobbing him off they were just having a nose around what is set to be Weatherfield’s newest salon.


Eventually she broke down and was forced to confess to her beau’s big bro how Clayton was trying to get her to be a drugs mule, so Nick took control and lured the fellas back to the barbers’ shop and handed back the drugs and threatened to call the cops if there were any reprisals on Clayton – recording the exchange on CCTV.

“Nick wanted to deal with these men as initially they were a threat to his business but he sees they are holding something over Shona,” says Ben Price. “But then it gets quite serious, he realises she’s panicked and they are going to do something bad to her son and although Nick doesn’t really like her, he likes David enough to think he can save this situation or help her. He makes sure that if anyone’s going to bring Shona down its him!”

The baddies were sent packing, with a menacing parting shot that this was not over, and terrified Clayton rang Shona to rail at his mum for letting him down, convinced his life was now in danger.

Have David and Nick been love rivals before?

In the final scene, caring Nick quietly reassured Ms Ramsey she’d done the right thing by fronting up to the bullies, despite her fears she could have just signed her own son’s death warrant. “You’ve got to stay strong, and I can help you through this,” he whispered as David overheard, unbeknown to the pair.


On Wednesday 13 February, Shona learns Clayton has been the victim of a brutal beating in prison, while David confronts them over what she and Nick are hiding. Shona tries to play it down and doesn’t mention the drug smuggling, but has a seed of doubt been planted in David’s mind that history could be repeating himself? Remember Nick slept with his late wife Kylie – and despite Price’s insistence he has little time for David’s other half there was a definite frisson in the charged moment between Shona and Nick after he came to her rescue…


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