Soap Spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale…

August 12-17: Steve McDonald finds himself back in the arms of Michelle Connor in Weatherfield and Walford royalty Sharon Rickman returns to Albert Square

Coronation Street


Steve McDonald and common sense have never been the best of pals, but pledging his future to an ailing Tracy while lusting after Michelle proves to be one of his more epic errors of judgement. Deirdre, for one, is baying for blood, but it turns out she’s not the angriest Weatherfield resident this week. That honour goes to Owen, a man who goes from nought to ballistic in record time after learning of Gary and Izzy’s latest baby plans.


A violent former alcoholic crackhead wouldn’t be most people’s choice of saviour, but then Sharon Rickman always did love the drama. So it’s not much of a surprise when she turns to Phil after her son’s wellbeing comes under threat. Not that he can offer her his undivided attention, what with Ben’s lies unravelling in the face of Shirley’s deductions. No wonder, then, that Sharon’s soon falling for the charms of boxing club magnate and babe magnet Jack.



Bargain basement womaniser Dan shocks nobody more than himself when he scores with Chastity, but has she succumbed solely to get a rise out of Cameron? Yet as this unlikely pair is drawn together, two other couples are being rent asunder: Brenda finishes with Pollard after spying the old saucebox snogging Val, while Zak realises he’s reached the end of the road with Lisa. With all the bad vibes, you can’t blame Marlon for wanting to keep his relationship with Laurel under wraps.