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Toadie set for awkward Neighbours encounter with Angela Lane - what have the Kennedys done?

Karl and Susan have got the wrong end of the stick...

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Published: Tuesday, 25th May 2021 at 12:01 am

Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) are in the midst of a secret Neighbours love affair, but they are adamant that they do not want anyone else in the community to know what is going on.


Unfortunately, many in Erinsborough take a keen interest in Toadie's love life and while it was just Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) snooping around originally, she soon voiced her suspicions to Karl and Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne) and they are keen to learn who this mystery woman is.

And while they do not suspect Melanie, they do however have their mind on someone else - Angela Lane (Amanda Harrison) - and things are set to get very awkward for poor old Toadfish.


The Kennedys are, at first, horrified to think that Toadie has sparked up a relationship with Susan's enemy but they eventually realise that the most important thing is that he is happy - even if it is with someone like Angela Lane.

With that in mind, Susan decides to talk to Angela to give her blessing, completely unaware of how off the mark she is. To make matters worse, Toadie is already helping Angela out with something legally and she decides, after being spurred on by Susan, to make a play for him.

Arriving at number 30 unannounced, Toadie is thrown and the Kennedys make it even worse when they invite Angela over for dinner along with Toadie so they can help them feel at ease in their relationship.

How will Toadie explain his way out of this one?

Also next week, Brent Colefax's (Texas Watterson) troubles continue and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is set to make things worse when he forms an alliance with Brent's co-conspirator, Holden (Tony Derrick). But Harlow (Jemma Donovan) is devastated when she learns Holden has put the blame on Brent and Paul is left feeling guilty.

But will he admit what he has done, and how will Harlow react if she were to learn the truth?


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