Since Neighbours was confirmed to be returning to Amazon Freevee, fans have been eager to find out what will happen in the rebooted series.


And so it seems, are the cast who haven 't yet seem scripts, but have their own thoughts on what they want to see in the future.

One of those, is Jackie Woodburne, who plays iconic Susan Kennedy (and was recently crowned's Soap Champion!). exclusively caught up with Woodburne, who opened up on who she would want to see return if she could have anyone back.

"I have to say, Janet Andrewartha, who plays Lyn Scully, is a dear friend of mine and I would love to see her come back just because I like hanging out with Janet, so that would be good fun. And she was a great character."

Recurring character, Lynette "Lyn" Scully popped back to Erinsborough multiple times for various periods of time between 1999-2019. Married to Joe Scully (Shane Connor), matriarchal Lyn was the backbone of her family.

Reflecting on the initial decision to axe Neighbours, Woodburne commented: "It never was my choice to leave it, and it was something that I loved. I had invested a lot in it and still felt that I had quite a lot in the tank to go - I didn't feel finished with Susan. We'd all begun the grieving process and we were working out way through it.

"But when Jason [Herbison, showrunner] said the show was coming back and I was invited to participate... there wasn't a second's hesitation."

Neighbours cast
Neighbours cast Fremantle

Neighbours recently revealed they will restart production again officially on 17th April - and it's safe to say Woodburne is excited.

"I'm most looking forward to, at this stage, getting the first scripts! It's been so hush-hush, we don't know what the stories are going to be, we don't know everybody that's coming back yet. We know some, but we don't know all of them. Obviously, there'll be some new people as well.

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"I'm just so excited to get those first couple of weeks of scripts and see how we come back. Do we come back a bit into the future? Do we come back where we left off? We just don't know."

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Neighbours is available to stream on Amazon Freevee. Check out more of our Soaps coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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