Neighbours: Andrea has a frightening flashback during hypnosis session with Karl

The conwoman has a disturbing turn during an appointment with the Erinsborough doctor

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Toadie Rebecchi (played by Ryan Maloney) is still reeling from the fright of coming face-to-face again with lookie-likie conwoman Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) at The Waterhole in Neighbours.


He’s furious his own brother Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) is behind Andrea’s return to Erinsborough.

But Toadie’s in for an even bigger shock on the Aussie soap on Monday 3rd June, when the legal eagle discovers Andrea may have information that could lead to the whereabouts of Toadie’s first wife, Dee Bliss, who was believed to have drowned on the couple’s doomed wedding day in 2003.

And she’ll reveal what she knows in exchange for access to her and Toadie’s baby son, Hugo.

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Andrea Somers
Andrea is back… and wants to see Hugo. (Picture: Channel 5)

However, as far as Toadie is concerned, Dee is dead and buried and he wants nothing more to do with Andrea!

But despite Toadie’s opposition, policeman Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) decides to keep digging into Andrea’s claims she was previously mistaken by a mystery man in Hobart for someone called “Karen”… who could possibly be Dee.

On Tuesday 4th June, Andrea agrees to let Dr Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) put her under hypnosis in the hope she’ll remember more about the mystery man in Hobart.

But the hypnosis session takes an alarming turn when Andrea starts speaking in a childlike voice before having a disturbed meltdown…

Andrea becomes traumatised during a hypnosis session with doctor Karl... (Picture: Channel 5)
Andrea becomes traumatised during a hypnosis session with doctor Karl… (Picture: Channel 5)

What’s going on? Will Andrea remember an important clue that could lead to Dee? Or as Toadie suspects, is she lying once again and trying to fool them all?


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