Neighbours' Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) finally tells husband Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) the truth about the baby she's carrying on Wednesday 22nd May when she confesses to her catalogue of lies about the pregnancy, sparking a dramatic showdown that leaves the marriage in tatters.


Believing she was expecting only to discover it was a false alarm, Elly kept quiet and set about trying to conceive as quickly as possible fearing Mark would leave her if there was no baby as it was the only thing keeping them together following her confession she cheated on him with his sister Chloe.

With Mark pushing his wife away after her betrayal, Elly ended up getting pregnant as a result of a drunken one-night stand with Shaun Watkins, brother of her ex-lover Finn Kelly.

Unable to untangle her web of deceit as she continued the lie the baby was Mark's, even pretending the ultrasound picture of the baby Mark and the late Sonya Rebecchi tragically lost two years ago was theirs, Elly realises she has to come clean - and all hell breaks loose… spoke to Anasta about the long-awaited reveal, and what this means for her alter ego's future.

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Elly decides she has to come clean after talking to Finn, what does he say to her?
I love the unexpected friendship between Finn and Elly, it helps her own up to all the things she's done wrong. They have a beautiful scene where Finn explains how he's come through the other side of all the pain and drama he caused by owning who he is, apologising and making things better through facing up to everything. Him sharing his story inspires Elly to tell Mark the truth.

Fans have been waiting for Elly to confess, how does Mark react?
It's a devastating scene to watch. He's trying to recreate their wedding night and is wearing his suit, and Elly says 'I'm sorry, but the baby's not yours.' She gives him the bare, honest truth of all she's done wrong, and doesn't hold back. As you can imagine they go through all the different stages of emotion and he storms out. The next scene is Mark running down Ramsay Street with Elly chasing after him, screaming and crying - it's one of the most intense scenes I've ever done. I'm really excited for people to see it!


Does she try and defend her actions?
Like Finn suggested, she owns it. Elly apologises for all the choices she's made but explains she did it because she thought it was the best choice at the time, but at the end of the day she comes to realise how much she's messed things up for her and Mark.

Fans were shocked when she faked the ultrasound picture - does she tell Mark it was Caitlin's photo?
In my eyes that was a character-changing decision. She went to a very bad place to try and save her relationship and preserve a family for her baby to be raised in, she was doing what she had to do to survive and honestly thought it was the best decision for Mark - if he knew he'd lost another baby it would've killed him. So she was trying to do the right thing and not intentionally be malicious, but it didn't come across that way! The ultrasound picture is the last of the lies revealed to Mark in the confrontation with Elly when they're out on the street.

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Is there any way back for Elly and Mark after this?
After some initial hope they can resolve things, Elly realises they can't hang onto this any longer and they probably shouldn't be together. Elly was so in love with Mark and the idea of settling down with him, then she got it and she wasn't happy which led to her sleeping with Chloe. She thinks she knows what she wants but when she gets it, she's not happy. It's very confusing and Mark is the same, he wanted this fairy-tale picture with Elly and one way or another it isn't working for either of them. When he initially called off the wedding in the midst of his grief for Sonya and ran out on Elly, that changed everything. She lost faith in their relationship at that point and it probably should've ended then. While I don't agree with the way she's gone about it, I think Elly has done them both a favour here.

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Does this mean Elly and Chloe might rekindle their relationship?
I love them together - and I finally have a hashtag as the fans call them #Chelly! April and I have a nice chemistry and they write for the characters brilliantly. Elly needs to focus on rebuilding herself, after all the intense emotions the smart thing would be for her explore her sexuality and have some time on her own to figure out who she is and why she felt the way she did about Chloe in the first place. She was quite confronted by it and had to put out before she had time to process it. Whether they move forward as friends or something more after the wounds heal, it will be an interesting journey.

Would Mark ever accept a romance between his ex-wife and his sister?
Eventually I think Mark would want Chloe and Elly to be happy, because he wasn’t happy. If the Kennedys can forgive Finn Kelly, anything’s possible!


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