There won't be a dry eye in Summer Bay when Evan Slater (Cameron Daddo) performs a special concert in Home and Away on Friday 17th July and dedicates a song to son Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich), who knows his father is hiding that tragic secret that he is dying.


One particular song in ailing Evan's set list is about finding his long-lost son and making up for the many years he missed, and there's quite a story behind it.

Daddo is an established performer in his native Australia and an accomplished musician, in addition to the acting and presenting talents he's also known for.

The fact Evan is also a singer-songwriter was one of the aspects that attracted Daddo to the role, and the opportunity arose for him to use his own compositions for the character.

"Evan was always written as being a musician," he tells in an exclusive interview. "The producers said they had a catalogue of songs licensed from a record company to use for Evan's music to be played in the show, and I said I have my own catalogue, having had three or four CDs on Apple Music, so why not just use my stuff?

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"I sent them a bunch of songs and they went for it, so when Evan performs I get to play my own material. It's awesome!"

The highlight of Evan's emotional concert at Salt is the tearjerking track Son and Moon, which Daddo reveals was actually created 20 years ago.

"I rewrote the song, which was originally written many years back, and made it relevant to the storyline. It's such a pretty song. I kept the first verse but wrote a new chorus and bridge. I'm really pumped with how it's turned out."

So were Home and Away bosses, who have gone to the trouble of shooting a promo video and uploading it to the soap's official YouTube channel, which you can watch below.

"Yes, we filmed a proper video with Lukas in it too. It's so cool, I'm really excited!"

Absent father Evan tracked down teenage offspring Ryder last month, and had much explaining to do as to why he had never been involved with his son's life. Evan's brief relationship with Ryder's mum Quinn resulted in an unplanned pregnancy which he didn't know about at the time, as they split before she realised she was carrying his child.

Years later, Evan found out he was a dad, but Quinn did not want him in their lives and raised Ryder alone.

Eventually Evan came to the Bay and introduced himself to an initially sceptical Ryder, who now knows the real reason he wanted to make amends is because he is dying of a terminal illness.

As the storyline lurches towards its inevitably upsetting conclusion, prepare for Son and Moon to become the soundtrack to some heartbreaking scenes...


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