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Who makes up the current list of regulars in Summer Bay?

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Summer Bay is a busy place to be as the comings and goings in Home and Away never really stop.


While it can be tricky to keep on top of the characters, we’ve got a handy guide below to give you all the information you need.

Read on to your essential Home and Away cast list.

Last updated: 4th January 2021


Christian Green (Ditch Davey)

Christian Green on Home and Away

Dr Chris is in the house and the mysterious medical man has a lot of secrets in his pockets. Actor Davey told Digital Spy in November 2020 how there’s “things that are following him that he doesn’t even know”.

Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo)

home and away tane parata nihau parata
home and away tane parata nihau parata

In scenes that happened off-screen, Nikau’s father was shot and killed by the police when he was younger. He arrived in Summer Bay in 2020 with his uncles and has already sent many hearts a-flutter. Nikau is currently dating Bella Nixon and he’s best mates with Ryder Jackson.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne)

tane home and away

Tane arrived in 2020 along with the rest of the Parata family. He is brother to Ariki and an uncle to Nikau. He isn’t shy of danger and finds himself at times in the mix of a bad bunch indeed.

Ariki Wiremu Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams)

home and away ari parata tane parata

Ari arrived in Summer Bay in 2020 and is the head of the Parata family. He considers himself the protector of his family. He is a brother to Tane and an Uncle to Nikau.

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman)


Another 2017 arrival, Ziggy has been known to be a bit troublesome at times and one of her early stories saw her run away from home. Ziggy was in a relationship with Brody, a pairing that her father, Ben, certainly didn’t approve of, but the pair nonetheless went on marry. The tumultuous relationship was never meant to be though and they have since separated. Ziggy is currently in a relationship with Dean Thompson.

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir)

mackenzie home and away

Mackenzie, the half-sister of Dean Thompson, arrived in Summer Bay last year and is the current owner of the Salt restaurant. In good old fashioned soap drama, Dean was unaware that she was his sister when they met and it proved to be quite the shock. Formerly in a relationship with Colby, Mackenzie showed how tough she was when she was caught up in a siege at the hospital and went as far as allowing herself to be taken hostage so that Belle, who was in need of serious medical help, could be saved.

Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons)


The long-standing cast member first appeared in the show all the way back in 1989. This is Symon’s third long-running stint playing the character of Marilyn and this is the longest one yet having started in 2010. The former Mrs Flathead (we miss you, Fisher), Marilyn has been at the centre of so many stories over the years and relatively recently we’ve seen her marry John and the two have become the new Pippa and Micheal by fostering children in need of help- a well-loved Home and Away tradition.

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost)

home and away jasmine

Arriving at the end of 2017, Jasmine is a nurse and is described as a “spirited Aussie girl” and she has had her fair share of love interests during her tenure on the show so far with Colby Thorne, Mason Morgan and Robbo all being romantically linked to her. She has had a stalker, had en entrance that involved a car crash that killed Kat Chapman, and revealed a tragic childhood that saw her left in foster care following her mother’s death and her father abandoning her.

Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts)

home and away willow

Personal trainer Willow arrived in 2017 (like many others on this list) and she soon found herself in a relationship with Justin Morgan. Following some gang trouble, the relationship ended and she reunited with her former flame, Dean Thompson.  Now she is with Alex Neilson, a doctor at the hospital. Willow fell on hard times when she found herself becoming addicted to gambling, something that ended up seeing her steal and borrow in order to survive.

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich)

home and away ryder

Arriving in, you guessed it, 2017, Ryder was introduced as another bad boy of they bay, committing crimes and causing trouble until Alf Stewart took him under his wing and set him on a better path. He had an on-off relationship with Coco Astoni, was kissed by Summer Bay’s first gay character in some time, Ty Anderson, a kiss that went unreciprocated but showed a real mature side to Ryder who was supportive of him. Recent scenes have seen the character accused of a sex crime when a revenge plot saw Jasmine upload a video of them sleeping together and claimed it was done against her will.

Justin Morgan (James Stewart)

home and away justin

A 2016 arrival now, Justin is a mechanic with a bit of a temper who joined the show alongside his siblings and enjoyed his role as “head of the household”. Forever a hero for saving Alf’s life once, he and his siblings were initially in witness protection following their parent’s murder at the hands of a drug syndicate. Justin has had numerous relationships, including with Willow, and he has been held hostage, shot, stabbed, and been involved in a plane crash. It would be safe to say it’s been a dramatic few years so far for him.

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee)

home and away tori

A sibling of Justin, she too has endured many of the same horrors that he has following the murder of their parents and subsequent terror at the hands of the drug syndicate. She made the decision to become a mother in 2018 and her fertility treatment was part of the storyline. Her relationships have included Martin Ashford, Nate Cooper and Duncan Stewart, but it was Robbo she asked to be the father of her child. When the pregnancy failed, he decided he couldn’t go through with it again. She did, however, eventually have a daughter – Grace.

Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller)

home and away bella

Arriving at the tail end of 2018, the sheltered yet feisty Bella is the younger half-sister of Colby and has been the subject of a lot of drama since turning up in Summer Bay. Some of her biggest storylines have included being the victim of a sexual assault attempt at the hands of Tommy O’Reilly, she was thankfully saved by Irene Roberts and a long-running feud with Mackenzie Booth. She was also diagnosed with tetanus and didn’t hesitate to use her illness to her advantage.

John Palmer (Shane Withington)

home and away john

Another long-timer, John’s been on Home and Away since 2009 and was originally known for being a bit of angry character. He has mellowed over time though and began to show a funnier side. The husband of Marilyn Chambers, the couple now foster children. John has had more jobs than you can shake a stick at, including, lifeguard, councillor, manager of the surf club and a bus driving tour guide!

Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou)

home and away leah

Can you believe that Leah has been on Home and Away since 2000? It seems like only yesterday that we fell in love with her and Vinnie as a couple, with a child, VJ, coming out of the marriage. Following Vinnie’s death, she went on to marry Dan Baker (who also died) and then Zac McGuire (now separated, but not dead).  One of Leah’s most dramatic storylines to date is currently airing as she has just spent weeks held captive at the hands of the evil Douglas. Scenes at the moment in the UK are showing Leah attempt to deal with all that happened to her.

Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger)

home and away irene

Another long time fixture, McGranger first appeared as Irene in 1993 and has remained a member of the regular cast ever since. Known for taking in waifs and strays such as Selina Roberts and the brilliantly named Joey Rainbow, she is fiercely loyal and will always go into bat for you if she cares about you. The recovering alcoholic is described by the show itself as “your classic Aussie battler”. Down to earth and with a wry sense of humour, she’s always good for a yarn and a laugh. It doesn’t matter who you are, young or old, Irene’s door is always open to you.” We couldn’t sum her up better than that.

Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher)

home and away alf

Like Marilyn, it’s hard to sum up Alf as he has been a permeant fixture of Summer Bay since Home and Away first began. We’ve seen Alf go through many ups and downs over the years, including marrying and then losing his beloved wife Ailsa. The man we all love to impersonate is such a fixture of the bay that it would be hard to imagine it without him. Meagher has had numerous breaks over the years and it always feels like something is missing when he isn’t there.

Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker)

home and away roo

Whilst Roo originally debuted way back in the first year of 1988, actress Georgie Parker has been the one embodying the character since 2010 and she’s celebrating her tenth-anniversary on the show this year. Her biggest storylines so far have included contracting meningitis that very nearly killed her and a relationship, and engagement, with a man who turned out to already married and a compulsive liar!

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor)

home and away dean

Dean arrived in 2018 as of the latest in a long line of River Boys, a criminal gang that operates in the area and dominated the screen for several years. Many of his stories have been crime-related, with the troublemaker getting into trouble with a loan shark and committing robberies and credit card fraud to try and bail himself out.  Dean had previously been in a relationship with fellow current regular Willow and was prominent during her gambling storyline.

Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin)

home and away colby

Police officer, Colby, also arrived in 2018 and has something in common with Dean- not only were they once friends, but Colby was also formerly a gang member. He has had a relationship with Jasmine and revealed some disturbing facts about his childhood- namely the kidnapping of his younger sister by their abusive stepfather. Never far from the drama, Colby has also found himself poisoned and left for dead following a killing he committed whilst on the job.


Susie McCalister (Bridie Carter)

bridie carter home and away

Described as a “really fun, dynamic woman” who is “fiercely independent”, look for Susie to make her debut later this year having joined the cast over the summer. A real estate agent, Carter has explained that she “comes to the Bay from WA and, let me say, she befriends certain people quite particularly.” Sounds intriguing!

Carter is best known for her role as Tess Silverman McLeod on McLeod’s Daughters.

Mia Anderson (Anna Samson)

anna samson home and away

There is a blast from the past being lined up for Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) as he comes face to face with a past relationship when he and Mia are reunited. Ari knew Mia and her daughter before he went to prison so it should be interesting to see how he reacts to seeing them again.

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett)

sam barrett home and away

And Mia will not be alone when she makes her way to Summer Bay as her daughter, Chloe, will be along for the ride too. The pair are sure to be caught up in the drama in no time, but word is that Chloe could be a love interest for Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) – time will tell on that front.


Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing)

heath home and away

Heath is on his way back to Summer Bay and was spotted filming with the soap on location in August. As for what brings him back following his exit in 2017, that remains to be seen but we should be able to find out when his return scenes air later in the year.

When we last saw him, he relocated to a new life in the city. This is his third stint on Home and Away following his 2011 arrival but we do not yet know how long he will be sticking around for for this latest return.

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