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James will discover Harry's big Hollyoaks secret "soon", promises Gregory Finnegan

"The suspense won't last too much longer," teases the star

Published: Monday, 20th May 2019 at 10:33 am

Popular Hollyoaks couple James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) and Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool) are set to be torn apart by the revelation of a huge secret as the fallout of the hit and run car crash continues.


Harry's car was stolen by Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) who took it on a reckless joyride and accidentally ran over Grace Black (Tamara Wall), fleeing the scene before she could identify who was responsible and leaving her paralysed.

Only viewers know they were responsible, but Harry is the one who's been arrested as he has no alibi for his whereabouts during the incident having sneaked off to a mysterious rendezvous armed with cash to pay someone off - for reasons as yet unknown.

Lawyer lover James is starting to think Harry is either guilty of causing the accident, or hiding something else - and tension reaches boiling point in the coming weeks as we discover what Harry is hiding. Finnegan, who has been shortlisted in the coveted Best Actor category in this year's British Soap Awards for his consistently compelling portrayal of spiky James, told what's next for #Jarry…


Does James think Harry is lying about having nothing to do with the accident?
He definitely wants to believe him, but it’s a pretty unlikely story. It seems bizarre for someone to have stolen a car then put it back in the exact same place. James finds it hard to swallow and Harry having a chequered past which doesn’t help either. It's complicated, things keep cropping up that make James doubt Harry’s story.

Do you think James can forgive Harry for anything?
I hope so for their sake, they have had a rocky road to get here. They have been through the mill, after the storm last year it took a long while and a big leap of faith from James to get back into the relationship. If he felt there was more duplicity going on he might not be able to stand it. He is in love but that can be a dangerous place…

When will we find out what Harry is hiding?
The suspense won’t last too long and we’ll get the answers we crave very shortly! It will be a surprise to everyone - certainly to James… He finds out pretty soon and Harry has a lot of explaining to do.


Would you like James and Harry to stay together?
I’d be more than happy for them to settle down into marital bliss and never have any more problems - but this is Hollyoaks! Parry and I have a good laugh and enjoy working together, we have a huge amount of fun so long may #Jarry continue!

Why are fans so invested in their relationship?
Possibly because it was quite a slow burn, James had his eye on him pretty much from the word go. Maybe the fact they got together in quite a questionable way and it's all been quite tortured, I don’t know really. They've been happy for a couple of weeks but that is all about to change! They have a rocky road ahead…

Have you enjoyed playing James as a father since Romeo was introduced?
Lysette (Anthony, aka James's on-screen mother Marnie) and I are really thrilled Owen (Warner, Romeo Quinn) and Neve (Blackshaw, his sister Juliet) have come on board and hit the ground running. They've given the Nightingales a new lease of life as we’d lost quite a few members in tragic circumstances! It's a crazy dynamic, I'm not sure what's coming up next but there are so many possibilities with the characters - hopefully no more deaths!

Has James proved himself as a father or is he still in danger from serial killer Breda?
I don’t think anyone is safe from Breda, she’s crazy! You’ve really got to watch yourself. Breda is a constant threat, I think James and everyone else better watch their backs.


How does it feel to be shortlisted as Best Actor?
This is the second time it's happened but is equally as surprising. James clearly has a lot of fans and viewers seem to be behind him, and me playing him, which is great. I feel lucky to be in that position, I take nothing for granted and am very fortunate.

What makes James so loved by the audience?
He is multi-faceted and audiences tend to gravitate towards the characters you can hate one minute and love the next, so you're always on a bit of a journey with them. I just play it as honesty as possible. I love the variety, I get to do completely daft comedy one minute and the height of drama the next so every day is different. That for any actor is a dream come true.

Why does Hollyoaks deserve to win Best Soap this year?
It’s had a really strong 12 months, so many storylines have blown me away. I've seen my colleagues smash it every week in things like the footballer abuse and Lily's self-harm stories, we do a lot of issue-based stuff that really helps people. Everyone on the show has worked really hard this year - the mood is positive and I really hope we can do it.

Finally, how would you describe the next few months for James Nightingale?
Tense and tumultuous. There’s a lot going on. We’ll see a lot of Harry and James, it will tough at times but hopefully they will get through it…

You can vote here for the British Soap Awards 2019 until Friday 24th May.


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