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Is Darren or Luke the father of Mandy's baby? Hollyoaks airs shock paternity twist

DNA results reveal the truth, but it's not that simple…

Published: Thursday, 18th April 2019 at 12:50 pm

Hollyoaks has revealed if the father of Mandy Morgan's (Sarah Jayne Dunn) baby is lover Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) or ex-husband Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) as Ollie Morgan (Aedan Duckworth) read out the results of a DNA test to his stepmum and her other half - but lied that Darren was the daddy before secretly burning the paperwork confirming little DJ is Luke's!


In the E4 showing on Wednesday 17th April, Mandy and Darren were too nervous to look at the conclusions of the DNA test Darren had ordered to determine if DJ was really his, so Ollie announced Darren was definitely the daddy to the delighted couple.

Discovering during Mandy's pregnancy that she and Luke had been trying for a baby at the same she'd been having a clandestine affair with Darren put a seed of doubt in Mr Osborne's mind about the child's parentage. Added to the complication was the baby's spina bifida diagnosis in the womb, a worrying enough situation exacerbated by the fact Luke has history of the condition in his family.


When Mandy gave birth to a boy he was named Darren Junior, DJ for short, as they decided it was irrelevant who his biological father was as Darren would be the one raising him. However, Daz couldn't quite shake the need to know for sure and secretly sent off the test.

Thrilled at the news, Mandy was all smiles as she and Darren looked to the future, but she had to bite the bullet and call Luke in prison to tell him the outcome. He was understandably devastated as his ex encouraged him to stay strong, keep sober and be there for Ollie when he gets out of jail in a few months' time.

Why did Ollie lie about who DJ's dad is?

The twist in the tale came as Ollie was seen holding the results which revealed to viewers Darren was NOT the father with a 0% probability of paternity - confirming baby DJ is Luke's son! Ollie's concern his troubled dad hasn't fully conquered his demons yet wants to fight to get Mandy back has driven the teen to betray his own father by lying about DJ's paternity in order to preserve Mandy's happy family set-up with Darren.

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No one else knows the truth, so how long before it's revealed? Or is Ollie set to keep the shocking secret forever? Luke is due out of prison later this year and Hollyoaks has teased he'll be straight back into a massive storyline with a surprise new love interest. Could that end up being destroyed if Luke discovers he is the real father of Mandy's baby? Could he forgive Ollie for his lie? And what impact would it have on Mandy and Darren's future?


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