Hollyoaks spoilers next week: Felix faces his past, and Scott and Mitchell book their wedding

Plus, Hollyoaks Favourites replays Luke Morgan's rape trial.

hollyoaks felix westwood warren fox

Soap bad boys aren’t made that way, there’s usually a buried childhood trauma that’s turned them into swaggering alpha males as a way of masking a painful past – such is the case with Felix Westwood, as we’re about to find out.


Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, wedding bells are ringing for Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux, depressed Darren Osbourne’s road to recovery continues, and one of the soap’s most groundbreaking plots is revisited.

Here’s all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 13th – 17th July 2020.

Felix faces his past

hollyoaks Felix westwood

Hollyoaks has shown remarkable restraint in not pitting Felix directly against Warren Fox. In fact, having the two hard men turn into unwitting allies is much more interesting than taking the obvious route of making them enemies. There’s enough chest-puffing and territory marking in Love Island: Australia, thanks. As Felix opens up about the physical abuse he endured at the children’s home where he and Warren grew up, which fuelled his own self-loathing and violent behaviour, forgiving Foxy vows to help his childhood bully get justice on the man who made his formative years a misery. This is Warren we’re talking about, so don’t expect him to hand over a self-help book and give a motivational speech about atonement when he tracks down the sinister Cormac with revenge in mind.

Wedding bells for Stitchell

hollyoaks scott drink well mitchell deveraux

As he’s in the mindset of making peace with the past, Felix also flashes the cash at son Mitchell and foots the bill for a last-minute booking at a swanky wedding venue. Well, he has got a quarter of a century of missed birthday and Christmas presents to make up for. Scott squeals with bridezilla delight now his big day is just around the corner, but Mitchell’s granddad Walter Deveraux is still in the dark about the nuptials. Will an elaborate plan to trick the opinionated patriarch into attending the wedding suddenly cure his homophobia, or backfire spectacularly badly? Answers on a postcard, please.

Brody wants to confront Buster

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Another consequence of Felix facing his demons is the impact it has on sensitive Brody Hudson. Rattled by Mr Westwood’s horrifying tales of his childhood reminds him of the sexual abuse he endured in his teens from Buster Smith. The evil football coach is now behind bars, thanks to brave Brody’s testimony, but the affinity he feels with Felix makes haunted Mr Hudson realise that chapter of his life still feels unresolved – so he decides to visit Buster in prison hoping to gain some closure…

Kyle’s funeral

hollyoaks kyle funeral

The ripple effect of Kyle Kelly’s tragic suicide continue to impact on those he left behind, and his funeral proves understandably difficult for fiancee Nancy Osbourne. With support from her friends, Nance starts to find a way through her grief. But she’s not the only one struggling with the loss.

Darren opens up

hollyoaks kyle funeral

Even in the throes of mourning Nancy is still being Little Miss Bossy Boots as she urges Darren to be open about his own suicide attempt, not wanting him to end up taking the same destructive path Kyle took. Finally admitting the depths of his depression to partner Mandy Morgan, Darren then gets irked when everyone starts treating him with kid gloves and vents to his therapist. Let’s hope the couple can learn some lessons from how Kyle hid his illness from Nancy.

Hollyoaks Favourites: Luke Morgan’s early years

hollyoaks favourites luke morgan 2000

After revisiting Cindy Cunningham’s teenage pregnancy from 1997, we flash back in this week’s Favourites to 2000 and the groundbreaking storyline that made Luke Morgan/Gary Lucy a Hollyoaks icon. Male sexual assault had never been tackled in a UK soap, and these episodes focus on the trial of rapist Mark Gibbs. It’s one of Hollyoaks’ landmark moments in its 25-year history, and set the agenda for the show to be the first to tackle taboo topics in the future such as self-harm and far right extremism.


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