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Next week's Hollyoaks spoilers: Felix blackmails Walter and Darren finds a distraction

Plus, this week's Hollyoaks Favourites revisits classic village villains

hollyoaks Walter deveraux Felix westwood
Published: Sunday, 5th April 2020 at 7:30 am

Ensuring Hollyoaks stays on our screens for as long as possible through the current pandemic, here's a reminder the soap will be airing twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays at the usual times of 6.30pm on C4, and 7pm on E4.


Giving fans an extra treat in these lean times, the soap is rerunning classic episodes on E4 to fill the gaps in the schedule so you can still get your village fix every weekday.

With big twists ahead for the Deverauxs and Darren Osborne's depression, here's your full Hollyoaks spoiler guide for 6th-10th April 2020.

Felix's blackmail plot

hollyoaks Walter deveraux Felix westwood

The Deveraux family have a seemingly endless supply of dark secrets, and there's no sign of them running out any time soon. Hot on the heels of abandoned triplets, long-lost dads and tragic suicides comes yet another shady chapter in the clan's history, this time concerning patriarch Walter. The God-fearing father is the first to quote the bible and judge others for their behaviour, but he's looking suspiciously twitchy as Felix blackmails him over a past misdemeanour which he threatens to expose unless he helps him build bridges with Mitchell. What is Walter so desperate to hide from his grandson? We're about to find out. But is Mitchell?

Warren confronts the past

hollyoaks warren fox felix westwood

Star signing Richard Blackwood is really earning his keep as Felix, with a whole other storyline strand going on alongside his dealings with the Deverauxs. In the kind of coincidence so beloved by continuing dramas, it turns out he grew up in the same care home as Warren Fox. Felix was a cruel, abusive bully and turned Foxy into the twisted bad boy we all know and love, so there's no love lost between the pair now they're both swaggering soap gangster types. Warren faces his childhood tormentor and orders him to leave the village, but just as they're about to settle their score with their fists Grace Black intervenes to stop any blood from being shed - then events take a most unexpected turn…

Co-dependency for Darren and Kyle's depression

hollyoaks darren Osborne kyle kelly

Elsewhere, Darren Osborne and Kyle Kelly continue to help each other navigate their dual depression, although Kyle is doing a better job of hiding his psychological struggle which is definitely not going to be a good idea in the long term. This week, Darren offers to help his confidant plan his upcoming wedding to Nancy Osborne (yes, she's Darren's ex. No, it's not weird at all. Honest!) but the pressure of his officious fiancée's to-do list only adds to the groom-to-be's feelings of failure. Is he spiralling further into despair?

Juliet dumps Sid

hollyoaks jordan sid juliet

Teenage girls are a law unto themselves at the best of times, but Sid Sumner is finding it even more impossible to predict the mood of gobby girlfriend Juliet Nightingale than usual. Eager for some alone time he's booked them on a romantic trip away, then discovers she's invited mates Ollie Morgan and Imran Maalik. Not pleased at the passion-killing potential of the lads tagging along, Sid has a go at Juliet and ends up getting dumped. Again. What's really worrying is drug dealer Jordan Price has helped cousin Sid organise the gang's getaway - might there an ulterior motive to lure the local teens further into his insidious county lines trafficking ring?

Hollyoaks Favourites: the villains

hollyoaks favourites silas blissett

As previously mentioned the soap is raiding the archives while filming is on hold and the amount of new episodes airing is temporarily reduced, and from Wednesday-Friday at 7pm on E4 you can catch Hollyoaks Favourites, a specially-curated collection of classics hosted by some familiar faces with brand new intros. This week Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay) recalls key moments for serial killers Cameron Campbell (holding his family hostage in a log cabin), Silas Blissett (facing off with sociopathic progeny Lindsey Roscoe, aka the Gloved Hand Killer) and rapist Laurie Shelby (wife Sinead Shelby finally fights back). Good times. Actually, bad times for the characters who were victims of the vile villagers, but good that we can still have something to watch… Oh, you get the drift.


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