Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 13 December 2013

16-20 December: Sienna takes desperate measures to get what she wants, while Robbie and Finn take their homophobic bullying to a new level

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Monday 16 December


Dangerous Sienna is on the loose, but will anyone be able to talk her down? A broken Darren attempts to rekindle his relationship with Nancy, but will he succeed? Can Tilly and Esther repair their relationship? Phoebe is torn between jealously and loyalty, but will Vincent be given bail?

Tuesday 17 December

Darren’s worst nightmare unfolds in front of his eyes, but are things about to get worse? As Nancy and Sienna once again go head-to-head, who will be triumphant? Meanwhile, Jack makes a startling discovery.

Wednesday 18 December

Patrick’s in despair – has he lost Sienna for good? Dodger attempts to comfort best friend Darren, but is left paying the price for Sienna’s deceptions. Phoebe and George find a new ally in bad-boy Robbie, but is he only out to cause trouble? Ste attempts to bond with his sister, much to Sam’s outrage.

Thursday 19 December

Darren’s in turmoil as the cruel reality kicks in, but is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Can Dodger forgive his family for the devastating spiral of events? As John Paul continues with his secret affair, he is a victim of a cruel act of revenge, with shocking consequences. Peri stuns her family at the school’s Christmas concert.

Friday 20 December


In the aftermath of yesterday’s events, will the truth about Danny’s infidelity be revealed? A troubled Ste talks away his worries with an unlikely source. Carmel is handed some life-changing information, and with no-one to turn to, Ruby starts to experiment…with Trevor.