Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 8 November 2013

11-15 November: Cindy and Lindsey are desperate to get rid of Browning’s body once and for all, but can they destroy the evidence before Fraser and Grace find out what they’ve done?

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Monday 11 November


One intrigued villager turns detective, but will they uncover the illicit truth behind Browning’s fate? A desperate Cindy, Lindsey and Mercedes are forced to face up to their demons. Finn is pushed to the extremes with stunning consequences, and Nancy and Joe are left in an awkward situation.

Tuesday 12 November

Freddie finds himself caught up in a spiral of overwhelming events in order to save a loved one and with emotions running high, who will he turn to for comfort? And could the feelings be mutual? Finn and Robbie plot their revenge on an unsuspecting victim, but how far do they take it? Will the truth about Nancy and Joe be exposed? Trevor finds himself cutting a raw deal, and Dirk finds solace in an unlikely source.

Wednesday 13 November

As Patrick catches wind of Finn and Robbie’s cruel plan, is trouble in store for John Paul? Worried about Phoebe and Vincent, George makes a stunning discovery, but can he stop them before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Phoebe is left devastated by her mum’s harsh antics, and, under pressure, Joe makes a shock confession. Carmel struggles to look after a poorly baby Matthew, and Tony gets a shocking message.

Thursday 14 November

George, Tilly and Esther embark on a road trip to Ireland to stop Phoebe and Vincent from making a colossal mistake, but will they succeed? And, when confronted by her friends, how will a furious Phoebe respond? Trevor offers a devastated villager a way out, whilet John Paul is left feeling utterly guilty. Elsewhere, the Lomaxes can’t help but question Danny’s motives.

Friday 15 November


Tony plays with fire as he attempts to cut a deal of his own, but will he be taken seriously? And as the evidence is discovered by Diane, will he confess to his sins? Darren’s suspicions escalate and Sam receives a stern warning.