Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 18 October 2013

21-25 October: Diane goes into labour, while Danny faces more family drama

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Monday 21 October


Having discovered Danny’s ultimate betrayal, can Sam find it in her heart to forgive him? As pressure mounts for Cindy and Lindsey, who will be the first to crack? As the Osbornes near breaking point, could Nancy be the one to save the day?

Tuesday 22 October

Holly is left gobsmacked by Cindy’s revelation, but will Cindy listen to her daughter’s honest opinion? With health results looming, how will Tony cope under the pressure? Sienna is forced to make a difficult decision to save a loved one, but what will she choose? Elsewhere, Phoebe reforms to her old ways, and Patrick makes a discovery that rocks his world…

Wednesday 23 October

Tony takes a trip down memory lane with Diane but their plans are thrown into chaos when Diane’s waters break and she is rushed into hospital.  While Diane is in labour, Tony receives some shocking news of his own…

Thursday 24 October

Danny makes a surprise announcement that knocks his family for six, but how will they respond to his life-changing news? Laden with fury over his recent betrayal, who will Patrick turn to for comfort? And will the real truth behind his girlfriend’s actions be revealed? Vincent returns back to the village, but will he be a changed man?

Friday 25 October


When furious Patrick organises a devious plan to make Maxine confess, he makes an alarming discovery. Devastated that Ziggy has moved on so quickly, is there anything Ruby can do to win the man of her dreams back? Vincent’s decision leaves Phoebe and George flabbergasted, whilst Danny is distraught to be faced with an impossible ultimatum…