Monday 1 September

Sinead forgives Diane for not supporting her when Katy was ill, while the net is closing in on another family member. Nana is heartbroken when she finds out that John Paul was raped and the shock takes its toll on the fragile matriarch.

Tuesday 2 September

Grace rushes to Nana McQueen’s aid – and Mercedes is baying for blood after discovering the truth about John Paul’s ordeal. While Tony has a proposition for Sinead, Nico is plagued with guilt when Dodger and Maxine decide to throw her a party.

Wednesday 3 September

Trevor and Grace are being hounded by Big Bob, while Nana makes a terrible mistake. Nico can’t play along with Sienna’s sick lies anymore, while Sinead is forced to tell someone close a shocking truth. Elsewhere, Esther hits the jackpot but could she be putting herself in serious danger?

Thursday 4 September

Maxine fears for her safety and decides she has to leave. How far will Sienna go to stop Dodger going with her? George urges Esther to do the right thing and Jason resorts to desperate measures to earn some cash, leaving Holly alarmed by the dark path he’s taking.

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Friday 5 September

With a life hanging in the balance, can the Blake/Savages unite to avert disaster? While Esther announces a new business venture to her surprised family, Holly takes control in a bid to save Jason - but is there another surprise in store for the teen?