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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 20 September 2013

23-27 September: Frankie is tormented over what happened to Lindsey, Maxine finds herself homeless, while Jim's luck runs out logo
Published: Friday, 20th September 2013 at 11:01 pm

Monday 23 September


It’s the day of Frankie and Jack’s wedding renewal, but can they put the past behind them to ensure a fabulous day? As trouble erupts in the Dog, Sandy makes a gobsmacking admission, while Joe gets the shock of his life. Trevor and Fraser plot the ultimate revenge on a deceitful Jim.

Tuesday 24 September

With recent events hanging heavy in the air, could this be the end of an era for the Osborne family? Or will Jack’s desperate attempts to reconcile prevail? Reeling from yesterday’s news and still coming to terms with his recent grief, is Joe nearing breaking point? Freddie struggles to contain his jealously, hitting a raw nerve with Sinead.

Wednesday 25 September

With her relationship on the rocks, Frankie surprises herself as she seeks comfort in the arms of a family acquaintance. Freddie is made to perform a terrifying task, but will it go to plan? Meanwhile, Sienna asks Darren to take the next step.

Thursday 26 September

Freddie watches on with horror as his completed mission takes a severe turn for the worst. Will anyone get out alive? Feeling flustered and embarrassed, Frankie is desperate to keep her actions secret, but will she succeed? Will Fraser pull off his cruel plot to frame Jim? And Sienna shows her true colours while fighting to keep Darren happy.

Friday 27 September


Backed into a corner by Fraser and faced with a moral predicament, what will Jim decide? Freddie admits to his demons, but will he lose his loved ones in the process? As Maxine is left high and dry, who will she turn to for support? Sienna is overjoyed as her plan falls in to place, however Frankie’s devastation serves as a cold reminder to her malicious actions.


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