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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 6 September 2013

9-13 September: Sinead resorts to desperate measures to stop Freddie, Will’s jealous anger resurfaces, while Esther becomes close to new fresher Jade logo
Published: Friday, 6th September 2013 at 11:01 pm

Monday 9 September


As Sinead faces court, can Freddie ensure that she remains silent? And as an unexpected visitor pays them a visit, could there trouble in store for this troublesome couple? Sandy’s suspicions are piqued, but will she get to the bottom of Fraser’s secrecy? John Paul faces the full brunt of Robbie’s malicious lies, while Ash encourages Maxine to forget Patrick.

Tuesday 10 September

As the lethal situation spirals out of control, Freddie and Sinead are terrified of the consequences. But who is this man? And what does he want? As Sandy realises her error, will she be able to forgive Fraser? John Paul confides in Danny, but can he put a stop to Robbie’s misbehaviour? Meanwhile, Maxine is intrigued by a business idea and Lindsey is faced with a moral dilemma.

Wednesday 11 September

Sinead makes a difficult decision, but has she just inadvertently sentenced a loved one to a deadly fate? Meanwhile, the Roscoes unite over a difficult family event. Could Maxine’s future finally be on the up? Robbie is intrigued by Finn’s latest discovery, while Cindy finds a friend in an unlikely person.

Thursday 12 September

As tensions rise over Freddie’s disappearance, the Roscoes near breaking point. But is it too late to save Freddie? Will Ash learn of her boyfriend’s dishonesty? And has Will’s jealousy reached new, worrying levels? Just what did Carmel and Cindy get up to last night? And will John Paul be left disappointed once again?

Friday 13 September


John Paul is left shocked by Danny’s contradiction, but can he forgive him? Esther feels pushed out by Tilly’s new lifestyle, but is there more than just a party to be jealous of? Elsewhere, having heard of Will’s plans to kill, Anna frantically tries to call Ash, but will she receive the warning in time?


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