Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 15 August 2014

18-22 August: Blessing’s heartache has life-threatening consequences, while Jason is in over his head with Stan and Lindsey’s lies get her in hot water

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Monday 18 August
Can Cameron stop an out of control Peri from doing something reckless? After reconciling with Holly, Jason finds himself in hot water with Stan. Freddie confronts Joe and is shocked by what his brother reveals. What dangerous consequences will Lindsey’s lies have?


Tuesday 19 August
Mercedes and Lindsey team up to get justice but will their plan backfire? Blessing makes a decision which surprises Dennis. Jason is given more time but as that starts to run out, will he hurt his loved ones to save his own back?

Wednesday 20 August
As Blessing revisits her past she is left heartbroken and in need of a release… Will John Paul be there for Ste in his hour of need? Is Freddie’s world about to come crashing down?

Thursday 21 August
Sienna’s desperate to keep Dodger to herself but will she succeed? Blessing’s self-harming leads to devastating consequences. When Dennis asks Dodger for help, Dodger gets more than he bargained for.


Friday 22 August
Patrick’s return spells trouble for Dodger. Sienna wants to protect her brother but will she get round her controlling father? Meanwhile, Dodger is desperate to make Maxine stay but will other forces prevent him? Elsewhere, there’s heartbreak at the Roscoes.