Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 18 July 2014

21-25 July: Tony and Sinead are nearly caught out again when Diane turns up at The Hutch in some saucy underwear. Plus the hunt for Fraser's killer heats up

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Monday 21 July


The Roscoes are rocked by a new development in Fraser’s murder investigation. Sinead continues her illicit relationship, but how will she cope playing second fiddle to her mum? Will Leela and Ziggy take their relationship to the next level and move in together? Sam gets the shock of her life as she opens the door to an unwelcome visitor. Elsewhere, is Dennis ashamed of Blessing?

Tuesday 22 July

Will any of the Roscoes believe their loved ones’ pleas? When a ghost from Sam’s past seeks the ultimate revenge, will she survive? Are Sinead and Tony about to be found out? Blessing and George grow suspicious about Dennis’s secret behaviour.

Wednesday 23 July

Lindsey is conflicted, but who will she choose to stand by? When Leela is the victim of an attack, will she be OK? And who is to blame for this assault? Has Maxine finally been presented with her chance to leave Patrick, or have things been made worse? Cindy and Rhys prepare to leave the village together.

Thursday 24 July

With pressure mounting, will Cindy confess to her deep secret? Blessing is desperate to make up for yesterday’s blunder – will she succeed? Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy’s behaviour.

Friday 25 July


Will Mercedes’s efforts prove worthwhile? Ste desperately tries to prove himself to Tony, but is it enough to win back his job? When Patrick catches Dennis leaving the flat, he concocts another humiliating way to punish his bride-to-be.