Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 21 June 2013

24-28 June: Patrick and Sienna team up to make sure Anna never hurts them again, Leanne is released from prison, while Sinead's money worries lead her down a dangerous career path

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Monday 24 June


With time ticking, can anybody save Patrick from Anna’s evil clutches? As Sienna and Nancy both compete for Darren’s affections, who will be the winner? Elsewhere, George vows to get to the bottom of Vincent’s secrecy, and Will is rattled as Dennis determines to help release Leanne from prison.

Tuesday 25 June

What lengths will Sienna go to in order to secure her family’s safety?  Is John Paul embarrassed of his new beau? Can Will finally admit to his murderous sins?  Ziggy is love-struck by a village beauty and Vincent makes a revelation that could break Phoebe’s heart.

Wednesday 26 June

Will is panicking after his shock admission yesterday, but is it too late? Sinead is left humiliated but does she have another idea up her sleeve? As Patrick comes to terms with Sienna’s misdemeanours, how will he react? And can he stop Maxine from revealing the truth to the police? Doug attempts to win over the McQueens, while Dennis struggles to conjure up signatures for his petition.

Thursday 27 June

Will’s world is turned upside down when his mother makes an official statement. Sinead convinces Ruby to help her fulfil a risky plan to get money, but will the plan backfire? Meanwhile, as Ash grows closer to an old flame; she is left flabbergasted by a turn of events. Meanwhile, Dennis asks Leanne a life-changing question.

Friday 28 June


Phoebe risks everything to safeguard Vincent’s future, but will they get more than they bargained for? As Sinead becomes increasingly desperate for cash, will she be prepared to drop her morals in order to stand on her own two feet? As Ash confronts Will, will he reveal the truth? And is Leanne having second thoughts?