Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 7 February 2014

10-14 February: Cindy goes into labour, while Ruby exacts her revenge on Frankie

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Monday 10 February


Cindy is shocked to learn the identity of the phantom freezer unlocker – is the culprit too close to home?  It’s the day of Vincent’s asylum appeal, but will George do enough to ensure Vincent’s release? Meanwhile, Ziggy makes a discovery that could change his future forever…

Tuesday 11 February

Ziggy takes his mind off of yesterday’s shocking find by distracting himself with others, but will he remain faithful to Ruby? Sonny finds some information on Jim, but will he show Carmel? With the spotlight on Phoebe, is there anything she can do to secure a happy future for Vincent? Whilst a helpless Cindy gives birth, is one part of her life about to come crashing down?

Wednesday 12 February

Cindy’s world is turned upside down by a piece of devastating news, but does Mercedes have the solution?  Ruby’s suspicions drive her wild, but at whose door will she land the blame? George is devastated at Vincent’s decision and begs him to change his mind, whilst Leela’s shocked to find herself waking in Ziggy’s bed…

Thursday 13 February

As Mercedes pulls out all the stops to ensure Cindy’s baby survives, she is met with a dilemma… Ziggy tries to prove his faithfulness to Ruby, but has he gone one step too far? Jack and Frankie are on the rocks; could it be goodbye for good this time? Meanwhile, Cindy’s grateful to have a shoulder to cry on, and Tegan has a cunning idea to get what she wants.

Friday 14 February


As Grace’s suspicions grow, is she about to discover a truth that could rock her world? Mercedes is left dumbstruck as a source close to Dr Browning determines to uncover the truth behind his death… Dennis and Dodger attempt to help Sienna find her long lost daughter, but will their search prove fruitful? Has Darren moved on from Nancy already?