Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 7 June 2013

10-14 June: Browning is feeling overwhelmed by Mercedes's bride-zilla attitude to their upcoming nuptials, while the Roscoe boys raise cash by staging a topless car wash

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Monday 10 June


As Phoebe desperately tries to cover tracks, is Vincent’s luck about to run out? As Tony struggles to cope and pushes everyone away, will he be left more alone than ever? Elsewhere, Esther is left crestfallen by a crushing piece of news, while Sinead battles with her maternal instincts to secure a happy home life.

Tuesday 11 June

Phoebe is determined to stand by Vincent but will Myra be able to reason with her? The Roscoes are under more pressure than ever when Dr Browning gives them an ultimatum.  Elsewhere, Tony is bracing himself to tell Diane the truth about his cancer and Sinead reaches a shocking conclusion which could change the O’Connor household forever…

Wednesday 12 June

Ziggy organises a topless carwash in an attempt to raise the money they need, but Freddie decides to take matters into his own hands. Will his plans backfire and prove to be a horrific mistake? Tony calls the shots, leaving Diane with a difficult decision to make.

Thursday 13 June

Diane is determined to prove to Tony that they can make their relationship work but is it too little too late?  Mercedes is furious by Dr Browning’s demands, but should she be more worried about his alternative intentions? Lindsey finds herself in a dangerous situation as she discovers Dr Browning’s true colours.  Sinead is stung as her future is put in severe jeopardy.

Friday 14 June


As the wedding day draws nearer, is Mercedes having second thoughts? The walls close in on Freddie, but how will he get out of this one?  Against all odds, can Sinead forgive Diane? Myra is left horrified when she discovers the truth about Sinead’s infidelity.