Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 30 May 2014

2-6 June: Nancy accuses Robbie when the exam papers get tampered with, while Darren is left fighting for his life

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Monday 2 June


Sinead is desperate to prove to Diane that Finn is up to no good, but will she succeed?  Will Dennis find it in his heart to make up with Blessing? It’s exam day and Nancy is shocked to find the papers have been opened – which student is behind it? Sandy’s worried for an ill-looking Darren, and Freddie forms a dangerous plan…

Tuesday 3 June

Sinead’s attempts at tearing her family apart are underway – will the ghastly truth about Finn finally be exposed? Nancy is annoyed when she realises who tampered with the exam papers. In order to save his kids, will Ste agree to help Freddie with the risky heist? Mercedes is met with an offer too good to refuse and Darren receives a worrying text…

Wednesday 4 June

Will Diane find the strength to do the right thing by her son? Has Ste lost his only chance to save Leah and Lucas from social services?  Darren ignores the medics’ advice, with dreadful consequences. Meanwhile, Jack plays matchmaker…

Thursday 5 June

Darren is rushed to hospital, but will he be OK? And will Nancy reach him in time? Freddie soldiers on with his daring plan regardless of recent events, but will it work? Mercedes entices Grace to say a final goodbye to Fraser, but will Grace see through to her ulterior motive? Leela is won over by a distressed Ziggy, and Phoebe struggles to contain her jealousy.

Friday 6 June


Having witnessed Robbie getting close to someone else, Phoebe is on the warpath – but will she destroy her own relationship in the process? Ste’s paid the price for his chance of freedom, but will he get the outcome he deserves? Mercedes makes a shocking U-turn – is Freddie in more danger than he knows? And will Joe and Lindsey finally reunite?