Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 2 March 2015

2-6 March: Patrick has a shock fall, while Maxine learns that Minnie has problems with her heart

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Monday 2 March


Nancy gets too close for comfort and provokes an emotional outburst from a village resident. Maxine receives devastating news that could change everything. Ste decides he needs to tell the truth about his illness, but how will people react?

Tuesday 3 March

Maxine flees with Minnie, but could she put her daughter’s life in danger in the process?  John Paul’s guilt over Harry begins to spiral out of control when a good deed goes wrong. Nancy finds herself in the centre of a love triangle – but who will she choose?

Wednesday 4 March

Can Maxine put things right before history repeats itself? Someone is closer to discovering John Paul and Harry’s secret than they realise. Nancy makes her choice but will she regret it?

Thursday 5 March

Robbie is furious when he discovers Joe’s secret, while Joe is shocked by the return of a familiar face. Patrick ropes Theresa in to a wicked plan with an offer she can’t refuse. Harry gets in over his head trying to be someone he’s not.

Friday 6 March


Lockie gives Ziggy an hilarious new business idea and it looks like Joe’s luck is about to change for the better – but is all as it seems? Could Theresa be in danger when Patrick flies off the handle?