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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 27 April 2013

29 April-3 May: Kevin's return prompts an angry response from Ste, Maxine tells Ash about her true feelings for Patrick, while Phoebe is delighted when a familiar face turns up logo
Published: Saturday, 27th April 2013 at 11:01 pm

Monday 29 April


An old friend arrives on Maxine’s doorstep, but will he bring more trouble than good? Elsewhere Ste returns to the village a changed man and it doesn’t take long before he loses control. As Diane’s anxieties about her future increase, Sinead goes into labour. Dodger sets out to determine the cause of Texas’ change of heart, but will his manipulative brother intervene?

 Tuesday 30 April

Diane is grateful for Tony’s support at the hospital, but does he have a hidden agenda? Finn concocts a plan to save his family, but will Robbie’s input be a step too far? Martha’s antics give Callum a rude awakening, whilst Ste makes a shock confession to Doug. Elsewhere, Patrick’s animosity towards Maxine’s new flat mate pushes him to grave extremes.

Wednesday 1 May

With the stress of the week’s events finally catching up with her, will Tony be able to console a distraught Diane? Maxine battles with her true emotions, but can anybody make her see sense? Ste and Doug continue to argue, can they put their differences aside to win a prestigious food competition? Elsewhere Callum inadvertently rubs Robbie up the wrong way.

Thursday 2 May

When Robbie decides to throw an illegal rave at Chez Chez has Ste finally found the solution to his money issues? Phoebe is shocked to meet a familiar face from her past whilst George tries to conceal his envy. Diane receives some life changing news that’s difficult to process. Meanwhile, jealous Robbie tries to get back at Callum but when his plan goes awry it means life or death for someone else.

Friday 3 May


With his moneymaking scheme in tatters how far will Ste go to get the funds to buy the club? Still reeling from shock news, is Tony willing to step up for Diane and her family? And why was he really at the hospital that evening? When Maxine takes a turn for the worst, can Patrick finally admit his true feelings? Elsewhere Phoebe tries to help her friend any way she can.


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