Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 15 February 2015

16-20 February: John Paul comes face to face with Finn

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Monday 16 February


Porsche locks horns with Trevor over Lockie but could this land her in big trouble? It’s the morning after the night before for Diane and she’s shocked by what she’s done. John Paul and Ste’s marriage is put under strain, but who will John Paul turn to for comfort?

Tuesday 17 February

John Paul struggles to get his life back on track until a reminder of the past makes things ten times worse. Lindsey vows to help Freddie…with dangerous consequences. Cleo grows jealous of Holly and Harry’s friendship.

Wednesday 18 February

There’s a new development in the Mercedes murder case, while Grace zeroes in on a new ally in her plot against Freddie. As John Paul attempts to overcome his demons, Patrick’s intervention could spell big changes to John Paul’s future.

Thursday 19 February

Will it be all-out war or happy families for the Roscoes when Joe makes a shock appearance at JJ’s naming ceremony? Phoebe is stunned by what she discovers when she finds Mercedes’ diary. Tony invites Ste and John Paul over for tea but a surprise guest could land John Paul in hot water.

Friday 20 February


When more evidence stacks up against Freddie he makes a decision to flee the village.  Joe seizes the chance to get Lindsey back… but Lindsey’s got her own agenda.  When Tony offers to help Darren with his love life things do not go to plan.  How will Cindy react when a newcomer threatens to take away everything she’s worked for?