Monday 14 April


Sinead is shocked when a guilt-ridden Ste is arrested for murder. Can Fraser win Tegan over before she goes to the police? Joe is determined to make Fraser pay and Lindsey fears she will lose her job as Katy’s death is investigated.v

Tuesday 15 April

Joe joins forces with Trevor and Grace to get revenge on Fraser, but is he walking into a trap? Ste hits rock bottom as Sinead struggles to come to terms with his betrayal. Tegan makes a shock confession to her family and will Sandy allow Fraser back into her life? With Jim’s evidence in hand, Sonny struggles with his conscience.

Wednesday 16 April

Joe outlines his plan to kill Fraser, unaware that Grace has a plan of her own. Sam is determined to get to the truth, while a hard-up Nana inadvertently sells Jim’s confession DVD - can Sonny get it back before it falls into the wrong hands?

Thursday 17 April

The plan is in place to kill Fraser, but can Grace go through with it? A panicked Joe and Freddie realise Sandy’s life is in danger. Ste stumbles upon new evidence but what will he do with it? Can Mercedes persuade Cindy to keep her options open and go to the ball?

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Friday 18 April

Will Joe and Freddie get to Sandy in time to save her? Trevor is desperate to flee before the choice is taken out of his hands. Will Cindy betray Dirk and will Mercedes bag her dream man? Tegan is left with a life changing decision to make.


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