Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 28 February 2014

1-7 March: Grace prepares to kill Tegan, while Sienna is accused of snatching Rose

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Monday 3 March


As Tegan struggles to keep her hands off Fraser, how long can they keep their illicit affair secret? Robbie makes a shocking discovery, but has Holly been cheating on Jason? Nancy starts a petition to get her arch enemy out the village, but will Tom take the campaign too far? Elsewhere, Frankie’s devastated as she doesn’t think she’s enough for Jack…

Tuesday 4 March

Fraser is forced to make a rash decision, but, guaranteed to upset someone, who will he leave utterly heartbroken? Erratic Sienna steps up the hunt for her daughter, but do old habits die hard?  Is love’s young dream over for Holly and Jason, or can Jason save his relationship? Meanwhile, Jack is desperate to woo Frankie and takes matters into his own hands.

Wednesday 5 March

Dirk goes to extremes to cheer up his friend, but how will Frankie respond?  As Grace learns the truth, she offers Tegan the hand of friendship, but should Tegan be concerned? Blessing is desperate for a job, but lands herself in hot water with the boss. Sienna proclaims her innocence, but who will believe her?

Thursday 6 March

Grace tries to cut a deal with Tegan, but when placed in mortal danger, will Tegan accept? Will Frankie’s attempts to rekindle her relationship be a success? Nancy’s caught in an emotional dilemma.  Blessing’s trial shift at The Hutch goes from bad to worse, while Sam, Danny and Sandy all have the shock of their lives…

Friday 7 March


Fraser’s world comes crashing down around him, but have his problems only just begun? Will Blessing find out Ste’s ultimate secret? Robbie’s ready to cause trouble – Sinead better watch out. Meanwhile, Jason’s left crushed and focuses his attention elsewhere…