Emmerdale spoilers: Finn has his drink spiked by the man who plans to kill him – watch the scene

Newcomer Brad will target Finn during scenes to be shown next week

Finn Barton is to be targeted by a mystery man who plans to kill him. In scenes to be shown next week, newcomer Brad will be seen sneaking something into Finn’s drink. The B&B worker will then down the glass’s contents, unaware that the drink has been spiked.


“Finn hasn’t got a clue that this guy is a bad egg,” says actor Joe Gill. “Brad turns up and seems to have similar interests to Finn. He’s interested in travelling, for instance, and Finn really warms to him. Finn doesn’t know this guy’s sexuality but he is attracted to him. But then Brad spikes his drink and the next thing he knows is that he’s waking up in a hospital.”


You can see the moment when Finn has his drink tampered with below and watch the scene in full on Thursday 24 July.