Emmerdale spoilers: Adam to have shock drugs collapse, reveals Adam Thomas

"Adam’s in self-destruct mode," says the actor

Troubled Adam Barton is to land himself in hospital next week when he takes drugs and collapses.


Adam and Robbie will be seen taking the drugs that have fallen from Vanessa’s veterinary bag. But the reckless move will result in Adam convulsing and keeling over.

“It all goes horribly wrong,” explains actor Adam Thomas. “Adam’s in self-destruct mode and after taking the drugs, he has a fit and ends up in hospital. He’s on a rocky road and hopefully he’ll end up coming out on the bright side. But the way things are going, I don’t know.”

For Moira (Natalie J Robb), the situation is, of course, a stark reminder of daughter Holly’s battle with drug addiction. But Adam is in no mood to entertain to his mum’s efforts to get him to change his ways.

“He’s still heartbroken still and he isn’t going to listen to anything she says. He’s going to pass it off and carry on with his own life,” continues Thomas. “He’s out there to hurt his mum as much as he can.”


With Adam still reeling following the revelation that James Barton is his true father, it seems that the young farmer is headed down an increasingly dangerous path. “There’s definitely worse to come,” warns the actor.