Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Livesy comeback details revealed

Danny Miller's character will return in order to help troubled best friend Adam Barton

Details of actor Danny Miller’s upcoming return to Emmerdale have been revealed – and it seems that fugitive Aaron Livesy will arrive back just as best friend Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) looks headed for disaster.


“When Aaron hears that his best mate Adam is going off the rails, he rushes to his side. But the question is, will he get back in time?” says series producer Kate Oates.

During his original time on the show, Aaron was involved in a number of high-profile stories, most notably the 2011 plot that saw him help tetraplegic partner Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock) to take his own life. Aaron eventually left the following year when he went on the run after being accused by police of setting fire to the village garage. Viewers know though that it was actually Adam who started the blaze and that Aaron took the blame for his friend’s actions.

Now, two years on from Aaron’s exit, he’s to return just as Adam spirals out of control following the revelation that James Barton (Bill Ward) is his real father. An upcoming episode will see a drunken Adam cause an farming accident that seriously injures Andy Sugden, but can Aaron stop his friend from causing further upset?


“Those two have a very deep friendship, and even though Aaron knows Adam is straight and there can never be anything romantic between them, he really loves him,” Oates tells Inside Soap. “So when we knew Adam’s life was going to be turned upside down, we knew that it was a good opportunity for Aaron to come home.”