EastEnders star Kierston Wareing joins Hollyoaks

The actress will play new villain Ashley Davidson

Former EastEnders star Kierston Wareing is set to appear on Hollyoaks this September playing a new arch manipulator.


Wareing – who previously portrayed Kirsty Branning in Walford between 2012 and 2014 – has now taken on the role of venomous vixen Ashley Davidson and will make her debut in Chester next month.

The character has already been mentioned by Sgt Ben Bradley (Ben Richards) and Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) in connection with the death of Ben’s daughter Carly.

But Ashley will first be seen on screen when she pays a visit to the Loft and demands money she lost when Carly stole an expensive ring of hers. Old acquaintance Trevor looks set to be shaken by her sudden appearance. 

Said Wareing of her signing to Hollyoaks: “I would describe Ashley as a control freak – I don’t believe she has a nice bone in her body but I’m enjoying every minute of playing her.

“I’m also thoroughly enjoying working with Greg Wood, Jorgie Porter and Charlie Wernham among others. Their characters are just a few who get manipulated by Ashley in some way or another, so stayed tuned to see if she gets want she wants…


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