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Rick's life in danger in Holby City as feud with Guy continues

Drama for Rick in tonight's episode.

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Published: Tuesday, 4th August 2020 at 4:19 pm

There is drama and concern for Ric Griffin (Hugh Quarshie) in tonight's episode of Holby City as the surgeon's rift with Guy Self (John Michie) escalates and it leaves Ric in a bad way.


The situation unfolds as the time nears for Guy's disciplinary hearing and Ric is keen to see that the correct verdict is reached- as far as he is concerned, Guy has already caused enough trouble. The conniving Guy has been a problem, on and off, for years now with this being just the latest spot of bother he has found himself in.

Whilst Ric, who has not yet sought treatment for a problem that occurred in surgery, focuses on Guy, he soon finds that it's himself he needs to be worried about as his vision starts to fail him in the car park of the hospital.

The severity of his problem is quickly made known to his colleagues and they soon determine just how urgently they need to fix it. But have they caught it soon enough to save Ric, or will his decision to not seek help be his downfall?

ric griffin holby city

Holby City has recently returned to filming following the forced production break due to lockdown. When we see the first new episode filmed, it will be one that focuses on what life is like for the staff at Holby General during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking last week, Kate Oakes, Head of Continuing Drama at BBC Studios, said: "We have some gripping stories to tell as we explore how the lives of our characters have been irrevocably changed since the start of the pandemic, and how our heroes battle against the odds, come what may. It’s with great pleasure that we can open the doors at our Elstree set today to welcome back the exceptional cast and crew of Holby City.”


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