Holby City unveils new trailer as the show gets ready to return

We're back on the wards of Holby General!

holby city

Fans of Holby City have had to make do without their weekly trip to Holby General in recent months as the show was forced to take an extended break from our screens.


Cast and crew had to stop filming when lockdown struck earlier in the year thanks to the global pandemic and while they have been back to work for some time now, it takes a while for episodes to be ready for us to see.

Happily, they had a backlog of episodes that kept the show on the screen for a while after lockdown but they ran out back in August and we have been without episodes since.

Not for long though as the BBC have confirmed that the show will return on Tuesday, November 10th at 20:15, and they have given us a brand new trailer to boot!

When we next see Holby City in a couple of weeks, it will be deep into the pandemic world with the staff at Holby General working hard to manage the influx of patients that they have as a result of COVID-19.

Not only that but get ready to say goodbye to a beloved long-term character as it has been confirmed that Hugh Quarshie is saying goodbye to his role as Ric Griffin after a whopping 19 years playing the part.

But happily, he is not leaving on bad terms as Quarshie has been singing the praises of the workplace he has called home for nearly two decades, saying: “The work became absorbing, colleagues became friends. I wouldn’t have stayed so long if it hadn’t been a great place to work, and leaving will be like leaving home – a place where there is warmth and a welcome, a place to which you can always return.”

So while he is saying goodbye, that last part indicates that he may be open to returning at some point down the line.


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