Oh dear, it's not looking good for Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter in Coronation Street. It could be make or break for the couple when they head off on a camping trip together this week, which quickly turns into a holiday from hell!


But little do either of 'em know but their relationship is about to get a serious shake-up...

When Gemma starts feeling sick, unsympathetic Chesney thinks it's just down to too much boozing. But on Wednesday 24 April, family friend Rita Tanner wonders if the sickness could be down to something else and suggests Gemma does a pregnancy test!

But how will Chesney, who is getting more and more fed-up with his girlfriend, react if he finds out the test is positive...

Coronation Street star Dolly Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma, reveals more about the baby bombshell...

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Things haven’t been going too well for Gemma and Chesney recently. Is their relationship on the rocks?
"They’re starting to get on each others nerves now the reality of living together has sunk in. I think the initial excitement of getting together is starting to wear off now. They have very different ways of being, Gemma’s quite impulsive whereas Chesney is much more responsible."

Is Gemma seeing a different side to Chesney now?
"Yeah, when they were friends and when they weren’t living together she always saw the best side of him, his fun side, and now she’s seeing him in a domestic setting she’s seeing another side."

Coronation Street, Gemma Winter, Chesney Brown
Gemma has brought chaos to the house since moving in with Chesney and his son, Joseph. (Picture: ITV)

It’s quite hard for any woman coming into Chesney’s life because they’re put into the step mum role with Joseph. Gemma’s not had any experience of raising kids, do you think he’s asking too much of her?
"Possibly and it does become a bit of a bone of contention between them because he doesn’t think she’s responsible enough when it comes to Joseph. But Gemma and Joseph do get on, Gemma does enjoy spending time with him and is more than willing to take on that role because she loves both of them. She shows Joseph how to have fun, which he needs."

Coronation Street, Rita Tanner, Gemma Winter
Rita knows best... and wonders if Gemma might be preggers! (Picture: ITV)

Gemma starts to suffer with sickness, does she just think it’s a hangover at first?
"Initially she does have a terrible hangover, then when it doesn’t go away she thinks she’s poorly so when Rita suggests she might be pregnant she thinks it’s a joke at first, she doesn’t really give it much thought. Then it dawns on her that Rita could be right."

How does she react, is it sheer terror or a bit of excitement?
"It’s shock more than anything else at first, when that dies down she is excited as well. It’s a mix of emotions; excitement, fear and panic because Chesney has already made her feel she’s not very responsible when it comes to parenting so that’s knocked her confidence with her own pregnancy and her ability to raise a baby."

How do Rita and Gemma's brother Paul react to news of her pregnancy?
"They’re supportive of whatever Gemma wants."

Before Gemma can tell Chesney the news he breaks off their relationship! Why does she then keep quiet about the pregnancy?
"She doesn’t want him to be with her because he feels he has to be for the sake of the baby, she wants him to want to be with her for her."

Does Gemma decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, potentially as a single mum?
"She’s looking to the future on her own, she’s got this real bee in her bonnet about Chesney not thinking she’s responsible enough. She’s had a real blow to her confidence and she is worried. But just because Gemma doesn’t always do things the way other people do that doesn’t mean she’s doing it wrong. It’s not easy being a mum for anyone."

Would you like to see Gemma and Chesney get back together?
"I’m not sure, them living together has led to quite an unhappy environment which wouldn’t be the best thing for a baby so maybe it would be more interesting to see them working together as friends. They’re so different in their ways it will be interesting to see how they’ll tackle this."


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