Why was Amy arrested on Emmerdale?

A reminder of why the police are interested in the village returnee

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Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) found herself under arrest on Emmerdale as police led her away in Monday’s cliffhanger scene. Battle lines were drawn in dramatic style after a fuming Faith Dingle called the cops on Amy, with investigating officers then swooping on the Woolpack to nab the village returnee on suspicion of abduction. As Amy was hauled off, Eric Pollard could only look on aghast that Faith had made such a rash move.


The reason why Faith acted so rashly all stems, of course, from her fears that Amy’s reappearance will result in Cain losing custody of young Kyle. A showdown earlier in the episode saw Cain lose his temper and refuse both Amy and Kerry access. But, knowing that there was still a warrant out for Amy’s arrest, Faith opted to go one further and ended up contacting the authorities.

Long-time viewers will recall that Amy (back when she was played by Chelsea Halfpenny) came to regret giving her son Kyle up for adoption. But when she tried to re-establish contact and get custody of the little boy, she clashed with Kyle’s adoptive grandmother Joanie Wright. Amy later snatched Kyle and planned to do a runner from the village. But faced with being sent to prison, Amy handed Kyle over to his dad Cain and fled to Ireland for a new start.

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Now, with Joanie dead and Amy back on the scene, tensions over Kyle’s future have been reignited. But will Amy ever get access to him now that she’s attracted the attention of the police? Emmerdale continues tomorrow on ITV at 7.00pm.


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