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SURPRISE arrest for which Emmerdale character?

They are in BIG trouble after making a shock confession...

Published: Friday, 15th February 2019 at 7:25 pm

There was a shock arrest in Emmerdale on Friday 15 February after Nicola King (played by Nicola Wheeler) confessed to committing fraud!

Emmerdale, Nicola King, Graham Foster
Nicola was recently rumbled by Graham. (Picture: ITV)

The trouble began in tonight's episode of the ITV soap when Nicola clashed with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), her former boss at Home Farm, who was busy evicting Nicola's mum Diane Sugden, her sister Bernice Blackstock and niece Gabby Thomas from Brook Cottage.

Desperate Nicola physically pushed Graham over and then locked herself, Diane and Bernice inside the Cottage to stage a protest over their unfair eviction!

However, as Nicola's rowdy behaviour began to scare off potential tenants for the house, Graham called the police.

During a heart-to-heart with Diane, Nicola faced-up to the fact her recent thieving has almost cost her everything: her job, her husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) and most of her friends.

So Nicola decided to be the bigger person and face the repercussions of her criminal actions.

To the shock of her family, Nicola confessed to the police how she recently commit fraud by setting up a fake property investment company (with Robert Sugden... but Nicola left his name out of the mix for the moment) to con thousands of pounds from the Home Farm estate.

Nicola was last seen bidding a tearful farewell to her stunned family, before she was driven off in a police car...

Is Nicola going to be able to talk her way out of trouble? Or will she be the latest villager to be sent to the slammer?


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