As school teacher Maya Stepney (played by Louisa Clein) makes plans to sleep with her lovestruck student Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) in Emmerdale, are the secret lovers close to being busted by Maya's boyfriend and Jacob's dad, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden)?


The big night is set for Tuesday 12 March at the village hall, away from prying eyes. But could it be David accidentally ruins their plans when he asks Jacob to babysit his kid sister Amba at the last moment?

Emmerdale, Jacob Gallagher, Maya Stepney, David Metcalfe, Amba
David wants Jacob to babysit Amba. (Picture: ITV)

However, Jacob and Maya are determined nothing will keep them apart. But they may have some BIG explaining to do when David storms up to the village hall in search of Jacob. Uh-oh!

Emmerdale star Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, reveals more about the latest twists and turns for forbidden lovers Maya and Jacob...

Is Maya in love with Jacob?
"In the moment she does think she’s falling in love with him. He’s offering her something that is unchallenging, the adoration, utter devotion. She’s seeking a relationship with someone much younger so she can control and manipulate the relationship so she can get what she needs. So she is feeling that love and support. I’m not sure if she’s capable of that in an adult relationship."

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Doe she have awareness that what’s she’s doing is wrong?
"She does. There are moments of fear and moments of panic. But she’s got herself so deep into this now that there’s no going back. She finds justification for everything she does. She thinks, 'I’m not controlling Jacob I am letting him be an adult'. She thinks she’s teaching him something and letting him grow up. But deep down she probably does know it is dangerous and wrong. The consequences are enormous."

Maya and Jacob end up at the village hall together...
"Yes, there are so many events that have pushed her to Jacob. She decides to seduce him. He’s post football match. There’s an excitement in the air, somebody could walk in..."

Emmerdale, Maya Stepney
Maya hides when David storms up to the village hall... (Picture: ITV)

David arrives on the scene…
"Maya manages to hide. It is by far the most precarious moment of their secret relationship so far and later David finds one of Maya’s earrings on the floor..."

Emmerdale, David Metcalfe
David discovers one of Maya's earrings at the village hall. Uh-oh... (Picture: ITV)

How will Maya cope if the relationship is exposed?
"She’s going to probably try and deny it. I’ve not seen the scripts but I imagine it will be total panic. She will do everything she can to survive. So whether she throws Jacob under the bus or runs away. We already saw that when the truth was going to come out but then she fell off the chair. I don’t think she will bravely face up to it."

What does Maya want from Jacob?
"I think she’s living in the moment. But right now I think he’s offering her what she needs. Idaeally she’d like to have this romantic loving relationship. I don’t think she’s psychotic. She’s desperate and emotionally very immature. She’s emotionally the level of a teenager. She wants a fairy-tale relationship that is loving and perfect."


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