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Kerry wants custody of Kyle from Cain in Emmerdale

Can Kerry's runaway daughter Amy help?

Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt
Published: Wednesday, 27th February 2019 at 7:07 am

Kerry Wyatt is a lass on a mission! She's determined to get custody of her grandson, Kyle in Emmerdale after his dad Cain Dingle's recent questioning by the police over the disappearance of his daughter Debbie's fiance Joe Tate on the couple's wedding day.


Kerry got the perfect ammunition on the ITV soap on Monday 25 February, when Debbie publicly slapped Cain and later warned Kerry that Cain was dangerous and she should keep Kyle away from him!

Emmerdale, Cain Dingle, Charity Dingle, Debbie Dingle
There's an angry showdown when Cain refuses to leave the village and get out of Debbie's life... (Picture: ITV)

But as Kerry plans to call social services on Tuesday 26 February, how easy will it be her to get custody of Kyle from loose cannon Cain?

Laura Norton, who plays Kerry, has the lowdown on the dramatic events...

What does Kerry think of Cain?
"She is angry with how he treated her daughter Amy but things have changed, time has passed and they are all technically family so she has let Kyle live with Cain and his wife Moira. They have come to an understanding over the years and seem to have some sort of common ground but he's not her favourite person."

How does she react when Debbie warns her to keep Cain away from Kyle?
"She has a misplaced conversation with Debbie who gets the wrong end of the stick and she ends up giving Kerry more information than she asked for. Kerry finds out Kyle is in a vulnerable position and that Cain has done something he shouldn’t have. Kerry's mind goes into overdrive – she wants to know what's going on and wants to get Kyle away from there as quickly as possible."

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle, Kerry Wyatt
Will Debbie tell Kerry what Cain has done? (Picture: ITV)

Cain kicks off and threatens both Kerry and Dan!
"Kerry gets more concerned the more she sees Cain's not in a good place and how easy it is for him to snap. She is very worried and gets social services involved even though she knows that will cause havoc she thinks that’s the right thing."

Why is she so determined to get custody of Kyle?
"She's convinced the case will go her way and thinks Kyle will be happier and safer with her. Her main concern is if Cain has done something then what is Kyle going to be left with if he’s sentenced/taken away."

Is Kerry scared around Cain?
"Not really, all she’s bothered about is Kyle’s safety she’ll deal with all that other stuff afterwards."

What prompts Kerry to start searching for her runaway daughter Amy?
"Because they’re trying to work out if anything happened to Cain then who would Kyle go to – the only way Kerry can figure out he won't be taken away from her is if his actual birth mother Amy was here. At first it's just a thought, but the next thing you know…"

Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt
Kerry breaks into Eric's home in search of clues about her daughter Amy's whereabouts. (Picture: ITV)

Have Kerry and Amy been in contact since Amy fled to Ireland in 2013?
"Once to my knowledge. She knew that’s how it had to be, just wanted Amy to be safe. There was a Christmas card the first year after she fled the village. But Kerry finds out Amy has been back in touch with Eric after all these years and no one told her. She's a bit wounded but understands why. Kerry was a useless mother to Amy. They kind of made up before she left but she’s paranoid Amy still thinks shes better off without her."


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