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Emmerdale kidnap horror first look: Killer Pierce holds Vanessa hostage

His sinister plan for Rhona gathers pace

emmerdale pierce harris vanessa woodfield
Published: Tuesday, 11th February 2020 at 7:00 am

Emmerdale has revealed the next stage of evil Pierce Harris's (Jonathan Wrather) sinister plan with shocking new images showing the murderer holding Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) hostage as he continues to stalk ex-wife Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry).


Having revealed his presence in Emmerdale village to stunned 'Ness and snatching her young son Johnny, by Monday 17th February the homicidal Mr Harris has the vexed vet tied up in Mulberry Cottage, and she's fearing for her and her kid's lives.

Not knowing where Johnny is or if he's even alive, Vanessa breathes a sigh of relief when Pierce switches on the baby monitor and she hears her son's voice through the speaker - but he leaves her in no doubt as to who's calling the shots when he issues a chilling threat.

Meanwhile, Pierce silently spies on oblivious Rhona through the window and grows increasingly fixated on his plan to convince her he's a changed man and that they should be together. Considering Rhona testified against him after he raped her, ensuring he went to prison, that's unlikely to happen, but Pierce's grip on reality is somewhat shaky having bludgeoned Rhona's boyfriend Graham Foster to death when he warned him to stay away from her.

emmerdale rhona goskirk

Explaining to Vanessa his blinkered belief he can win Rhona back, Pierce is then distracted by a voicemail left on his hostage's phone and the situation escalates - has someone been alerted to her disappearance? Or to the fact Pierce has been sneaking around the village in broad daylight for the last few weeks? Surely he's been spotted by now…

Meanwhile, the pieces begin to fall into place for Rhona as she believes newly-released Pierce (she was told he was eligible for parole back in December) has been trying to contact her. Showing Paddy Kirk the previously mislaid card that came with a bunch of flowers after Graham's death, Rhona starts to realise her abusive husband may be back. Will she figure out he's closer to home than she thinks? And can anyone save Vanessa and Johnny?


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