Next week’s Emmerdale: Jacob gets counselling, plus hen night shock for Bernice

All the upcoming drama on the ITV soap


It’s Bernice’s hen do on Emmerdale, but I don’t give this new marriage much chance of success. Look at the past performance of both bride and groom – nearly all of their previous relationships have ended in divorce or death. And with actress Samantha Giles having announced that she’s filmed her final scenes, I’m doubtful that Bernice will get to say “I do”.


How her exit plays out hasn’t yet been revealed, but it’s just one of a number of recent and upcoming Emmerdale departures. Faith, Robert and Jessie have all left, while Pete and Graham are also now tipped to be on the way out. At this rate, all we’ll be seeing on screen is Mandy conning casinos and Aaron crying.

But, then again, bubbly Bernice does tend to boomerang back every couple of years, so maybe she won’t be gone for long. And perhaps she’s merely making a quick trip to Elstree to reignite her romance with former flame Andy Sugden after witnessing those hips in action on Strictly.

Jacob remains in the spotlight next week (thank goodness, as his storyline is by far the most compelling thing about Emmerdale at the moment) as he makes plans to see a counsellor. It looks as though Jacob may have finally faced up to the fact that he was groomed by Maya.


But I’m secretly hoping that she finds her way back to the village after giving birth. The big question, obviously, will be: who’s the father of her baby? A handy hint: if the child has tattoos and looks a bit like David Beckham, the dad is David. If the newborn has a man-bun and the air of Justin Bieber, then the finger can be pointed in Jacob’s direction.