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Kim discovers Graham's big secret on tonight's Emmerdale

New discoveries are set to be made this evening

Published: Monday, 18th March 2019 at 6:47 am

Viewers craving answers where Emmerdale's Joe Tate mystery is concerned are being teased the prospect of more clues being revealed in tonight's episode.


The most recent instalment of the ITV soap ended with Graham (Andrew Scarborough) making a clandestine phone call and telling the person on the other end of the line: “We’ve got a problem. We’re going to need another plan.”

The reason for Graham delivering his message all stemmed from Kim (Claire King) having made the discovery that there’d been unauthorised withdrawals from an offshore account. Graham then tried to explain away the missing funds by blaming it on Robert and Nicola’s recent attempts to scam the Home Farm business.

But it now seems that there could be another reason for the cash having gone missing - and fans are convinced that the errant Joe must be behind it. Thankfully, with Kim having witnessed Graham's furtive actions thanks thanks to a hidden camera at Home Farm, it doesn't seem as though she'll be letting the matter rest.


Tonight's episode of Emmerdale will see Kim employ a private investigator to do some digging and it isn't long before he presents with a CCTV image that leaves her incensed.

Emmerdale is promising that the discovery will have repercussions both at Home Farm and beyond. So might this finally be the moment when we discover what happened to Joe? And how far will Kim go to wreak her revenge?

What happened to Joe Tate?

Emmerdale has yet to reveal the full story of Joe’s whereabouts despite the character having not been seen on screen for five months. As we know, Cain (Jeff Hordley) is under the impression that he killed Joe after a punch to the head appeared to be fatal.


But when Graham then went to dispose of the body, viewers saw him notice that Joe’s finger was twitching. Nothing has been seen of Joe since, but Cain remains under the impression that he is responsible for the businessman’s death.

Prior to Graham making his mysterious call, he was seen telling Kim there wasn’t a trace of Joe left to find and that the body would definitely not be turning up. But, as we know, secrets never stay buried for long in soapland...


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