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Emmerdale hospital visit hints that Graham is Millie's father

The timing seems right and Andrea is acting suspiciously...

Published: Tuesday, 17th September 2019 at 11:46 am

A shocked Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) will be left demanding to know if he's the biological father of Millie Tate after the youngster gets rushed to hospital following an injury in next week's Emmerdale.


The upcoming drama sees Millie get knocked down as dad Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) loses control of a particularly strong-willed horse he's riding. Once at A&E, the family anxiously awaits the verdict from the doctors, but after mum Andrea (Anna Nightingale) reveals Millie's date of birth, the cogs start whirring for a suspicious Graham.

After doing the mental maths, Graham then leaves Andrea horrified when he asks whether Millie is the outcome of a one-night stand they had years previously. A panicked Andrea refuses to answer, but her feelings of secret of dread mount when, the following day, Graham starts leaving angry messages which insist that she not ignore him.


Fearing that her family is built on a lie, Andrea begs that Graham not reveal the truth to Jamie about their past trysts. But despite Andrea's assurances that Graham is not Millie's real dad, the sight of her anxiety leaves the surly businessman feeling ever-more certain that she must be lying.

With secrets only ever staying buried for so long in soapland, it's surely only a matter of time before this particular paternity riddle reaches the ears of the rest of the Tate clan...


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