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Emmerdale's Kim Tate jailed for her part in Graham's murder as Andrea turns on her?

Family betrayal at its most dramatic

Published: Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 at 7:30 pm

Emmerdale's Tate family proved blood isn't always thicker than water this evening (Tuesday 3rd February) as they all turned on each other.


Finally, the truth about Kim Tate's (Claire King) involvement in Graham Foster's murder came out as Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) found out his mother had hired a hitman to finish off the former butler.

Seemingly pretending not to notice his mum's previous criminal dealings, Jamie was absolutely outraged and wondered if he could move on with his life knowing he came from a mobster.

But Kim managed to win him round, and although he wasn't happy, Jamie agreed to keep his mouth shut on the whole revelation.

That was, until, Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) wormed her way in and found out Kim's deadly secret.

The mother brandished Mrs T a monster, and even managed to get a sneaky dig in, saying Jamie didn't tell her just how bad she was in real life, confirming Jamie's relationship with his mum hasn't always been smooth.

Seeing her chance, Andrea dropped the killer blow - and it came in the form of a classic Emmerdale family blackmail.

Turning to Jamie, Andrea insisted: "I'll tell you what, you can keep your mother's dirty secrets, and I get full custody of Millie."

"Not a chance," the offended father exclaimed.

Andrea then said he would have to tell the police, emphasising its Kim or Millie.

At the end of the episode, Jamie was forced to come to terms with the difficult decision. Would it be his mother or his daughter?

It wouldn't be completely out of the blue if Jamie shopped in Kim, considering their relationship has only recently flourished; but remember, around the time of Graham's murder, the whole Tate clan had an epic fallout, meaning tensions are no doubt high.

And with Andrea holding the cards - well, Millie - it seems Jamie could be pushed to desperate measures in the coming weeks.


Is Kim off to jail? Time will tell...

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