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5 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Marlon gets angry, plus Cara asks Nate to leave with her

And Victoria's demons return to haunt her

Published: Saturday, 29th February 2020 at 9:00 am

What next for Marlon now that he's a free man? And is Nate headed for the nearest exit? All your Emmerdale spoilers for the week ahead, between Monday 2nd March and Friday 6th March 2020.


Marlon’s stress levels rise


When Cain gave Marlon that talking-to about toughening up in prison, I was hoping he’d emerge from his spell inside looking like Sylvester Stallone in Lock Up. The newly released Marlon isn’t quite that but there is definitely now a harder edge to him. On Monday, for instance, he’s left seething when he discovers that his angelic daughter April is being bullied at school by kids who have branded her dad a “murderer”. And the anger settings of the Woolpack chef will go from simmer to boil later in the week when he finds out that it was Charity who stole Kim’s money and then sat on evidence that could have led to him being freed from jail sooner.

Will Nate leave?


Cara’s sole mission since arriving has been to prise son Nate away from his long-lost family. At the moment, she can barely conceal her attempt, making digs at everyone at her, with her target next week being Tracy. Nate suggests that Cara is being judgemental of Tracy in the same way as the Dingles once judged her. And Cain emphasises the point when he tells Cara that Nate should be free to make his own decision about Tracy. But what path will Nate take when Cara reveals that she’s leaving Emmerdale and wants him to accompany her?

Trouble for Cain and Will


Speaking of Nate, he’s also tangentially involved in a plot line unfolding elsewhere in the village. The firearm that Cain used to shoot him proves to be something of a….well, smoking gun when police reveal that they’ve discovered new forensic evidence on the weapon. But as Cain and Will anxiously discuss the matter, little do they realise that their actions are being observed by show newcomer DI Malone. Later on in the week, Will is forced to bury his unease when he’s questioned by both PC Swirling and DI Malone. Brace yourself for fresh revelations when the reason why Will fears Malone, who may well be secretly on the wrong side of the law…

Victoria’s demons


Will Victoria ever be able to move on from her horrendous rape ordeal? It’s the question we’ll soon be asking ourselves again when Wendy crosses a boundary by referring to herself as Harry’s “nana”. Vic tries to bury her concerns by allowing Wendy to babysit, so that she can spend some time with Luke. But when things get steamy between her and Luke, Victoria finds herself being viscerally reminded of Lee and pulls away. Is past trauma set to impact on her potential to find future happiness?

In other news…

Billy gets a job offer when Chas says he can work at the scrapyard to cover for Aaron. Plus Liam needs some enlightening when it comes to the offence he’s caused by buying Leyla gym membership for her birthday…


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