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Emmerdale's Charity and Vanessa are engaged! – 10 other soap couples who should get married in 2019

Who could be following Vanity to the altar?

Published: Friday, 18th January 2019 at 9:12 am

Emmerdale fans are celebrating the engagement of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) who became betrothed on Thursday 17 January, although Charity's ill-advised grand gesture almost destroyed the relationship.


Hijacking an elaborate proposal from one of Megan Macey's Take a Vow clients taking place at Home Farm, complete with horse drawn carriage and string quartet, Charity nearly stuffed it up by admitting she stole someone else's idea and her girlfriend initially turned her down.

Thankfully they kissed and made up by the end of the double episode and #Vanity are now officially set to wed. The excitement of the impending nuptials has put us in a romantic mood and got us thinking about other soap couples set to tie the knot in 2019 - and ones who aren't, but should be. Here are 10 other soap weddings we're buying a hat for…


Coronation Street - Kate Connor and Rana Nazir
The Kana army are almost as vociferous as the Vanity fanbase, and with both couples engaged it's a race to see which one will make it down the aisle first. While we'd love to see them happy it's hard to shake the feeling Kate and Rana's future looks shaky, their opposing views on the baby issue having already created a catastrophic chasm. Are the girls on the same page?


EastEnders – Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell 
Sharon and Keanu's affair is set to dominate 2019 with plenty of twists promised by new 'Enders boss Kate Oates, and one of them could be the muscly mechanic making his cougar crush jealous by marrying into the Mitchells after a whirlwind romance with lovestruck Lou. Even Phil is on board with trying to get the cute couple together, not realising his employee's history with his missus, and a Walford wedding would be the perfect platform for the Sharanu fling to be exposed.


Hollyoaks – James Nightingale and Harry Thompson
Harry would have to get divorced from Ste Hay first, who he was married to for all of three hours before his affair with James was rumbled, but surely the end game in the Jarry/Starry merry-go-round is for the snobby lawyer to end up with his the love of his life, who he once pimped out as a male escort? Now there's a strong basis for a marriage.


Emmerdale - Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk
Last summer's ceremony had to be put on ice as Chas was pregnant with baby Grace, and knew her daughter would only live a matter of hours if she made it to full term. Technically Chas and Pads are still engaged and after the rotten year they've just had it would be nice to see them happy in 2019 and have the big day they deserve. Will Paddy's long-lost dad, pro wrestler Bear Wolf, be on the top table?


Coronation Street - David Platt and Shona Ramsey
David has made his intentions clear that he wants to tie the knot with his partner, and Jack P Shepherd has publicly said his dream storyline would be for Shona's killer son Clayton Hibbs (who fatally stabbed David's late wife Kylie) to break out of prison and storm his mum's wedding day. It's confirmed Clayton returns in 2019, so will Jack's wish come true?


Hollyoaks - Myra McQueen and Sally St Claire
They got engaged at Christmas so it's all systems go, but we get the impression Myra is stalling and is not 100% committed to her girlfriend, who was once her boyfriend before she transitioned having fathered a child with her future fiancee. The last McQueen wedding ended with the groom murdered…


Neighbours - Elly Conway and Mark Brennan
Elly spontaneously popped the question to her man but only because she'd just snogged his sister, and her best mate, Chloe and was freaked out by her feelings. Now the pair are making plans and heartbroken Chloe is secretly falling for her future sister-in-law, and finding excuses about how to avoid attending the wedding…


Coronation Street - Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby
It could be second time lucky for the street's star-crossed lovers, who eloped in their teens but saw their second wedding halted when the bride realised she wasn't over ex Peter Barlow - sending the groom into the arms of his sister-in-law. Nick needs to divorce demanding Elsa first, but him and Leanne surely belong together. And he's got a whopping wedding budget of £80k that he stole from granny Audrey to spend on lucky Lee.


EastEnders - Karen Taylor and Mitch Baker
He may be a feckless, unreliable cheat but nobody's perfect, and the spark just won't die between the childhood sweethearts. Mitch has returned to Walford desperate to win Karen back again and we think he really means it this time. They've already got two kids together (perhaps eldest Chantelle's much-hyped first appearance will be for her parents' big day?) and the idea of gobby Kaz as a blushing bride is surely an unmissable opportunity. Imagine the hen night!

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 13.28.26

Coronation Street – Ken Barlow and Claudia Colby
Weatherfield's original Lothario has proved he hasn't lost his ability to charm the ladies since stepping out with sultry stylist Claud. These two are made for each other (both have great hairdos for a start) and should totally tie the knot - it would be the classiest, most tasteful wedding Corrie has ever seen. Would Ken want one last hurrah on his stag night though and end up copping off with the stripper? Stranger things have happened.


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